Is Jhin The Worst Champion In LOR

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    Posted 1 week ago

    As a brewer I make it a dedicated mission to create decks with every champion that can in fact win and put up a solid fight against meta decks.

    This is why I can chose to climb with things like Ohrn Jax, as easily as something listed on mobalytics.

    But man does Jhin just suck right now. I hate to say it but if he is ever going to be competitively viable again he needs to A (be a brew around stun card) with lotus traps procing stun or be a dedicated burn card with lotus traps doing 2 dmg like a mystic shot (still costs 3 skill procs) or buff his synergy girl to do 2 dmg. 

    As it stands right now he is an aggro card with a 50% winrate which by aggro standards is atrocious and as a control card sees zero play.

    Plz re-work Jhin Riot because he is actually pretty baller voice lines etc.

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    Posted 1 week ago

    The funny part is that Jhin for me is the most fun Path of Champion champion and does amazingly well over there.

    That he isn't a great champion in pvp right now... well I don't think it needs much to make him decent as a card. Just let him activate a lotus trap on summon et voila he is a very strong tempo play for his archetype.

    I wouldn't want the master of the 4th shot being reworked completely as he is insanely well executed from a flavour perspective and fun to play even if he isn't a great champion in pvp constructed, which can't be true for all champions anyways

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    Posted 1 week ago

    Yeah he seems fairly agredious example of what not to do right now though.

    His champ spell is 4 mana deal 1...Annie's champ spell is 2 mana kill a thing like the developers had to know he was bad.

    Like in the past LoR's champ reworks have been very sucessful Katarina went from a total meme to a literal scary ******* card.

    On the other hand overpowered cards like bard became very playable and fun in casual or not try hard climbing (the only way to climb) FYI.

    So the devs know what they are doing it just seems like when they were hitting Annie, Illoi, and Bard they kinda forgot they released Jhin in the same set.

    They also seemed to forget that bilgewater is becoming such a staple for aggro decks that there is literally no reason why you would ever want to play a Runeterra champion unless he is significantly pushed on the card itself.

    I'd like to see him get some love next patch thats for sure, so we see less pirate aggro for variety.

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