Hi Everyone! In need of some newbie info and advice :)

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    Recently started playing runeterra and it's been great and i see that there is a lot of fun stuff still to come. I do, however, have some stuff i need help with, which would be greatly appreciated.

    I posted here, because this was the most popular runeterra forum i could find. Are there others that deserve a looksie?

    Like forums i've had some difficulty find the best ones (and up to date ones) when it comes to guides, tips for new players, strategies to employ in the most broad sense, as how to most efficiently get new cards, decks and resources that help me get those things to what decks to develop and concepts to focus on as a beginner and how to do that. Match tactics is something i don't feel i need to focus a lot on now as i've played a lot of other card games and related types of games, but feel free to advice me on that as well as it's something i need to get deeper into eventually. Concerning all of the above, i would love some advice and/or point me in the right direction - sites, where i can find comprehensive guides, beginner guides, video guides, deckbuilding guides or guides that explains or informs me of things that i may need as a new player, other forums, official or third-party tools and crucial information for new players.

    I'm feel especially in need of knowing how to most efficiently expand my collection playing single player (preferably for free) as i prepare to enter multiplayer after i've gotten more cards, knowledge and skill. There are several options, single matches against AI, Challenges, Path of Champions (not sure that's all. draw my attention to other ways that are good if you won't mind), but i'm not entirely clear on what to focus on, or playing a mix if that's better, focus on completing missions and what missions yield the most in that case.

    I should say that what my main goal is atm is to build or tweak an existing pre-built deck i've earned for use in solo play, to facilitate ultimately building a competitive, good (or great! :D ) deck in PvP, Tournaments and the like, for the currrent meta as well as a base of cards to make it easier to build new decks as the meta changes.

    Getting cards is the most important thing i guess, but i also need advice, perhaps some guides and tools or such on how to best build a deck, from getting the cards, to whether to use an in-game, official or third party deckbuilder, if and how i can import decks, constructed by others or myself, if i should first tweak decks that LoR has given me, as the cheapest option, or use a deck from builds people have posted (which i can import if possible) that are easy and cheap, but still very good.

    It would be great to have lists of cards to look out for which are the best, most important and/or most popular. And if i can get them just by playing pretty much anything or have more specific ways to get like missions, particular solo play mode, or that i would mostly need to use wildcards for.

    You may have noticed that i'm kind of a power-player, but playing like that is part of what makes games enjoyable for me. To become as powerful and dangerous and to dominate as much as possible. Not because i enjoy crushing my opponent whether AI of human, but because it feels personally rewarding and gives me a sense of achievement

    (i actually often feel sympathy or a little guilty when beating another person. To express that to the one i've just beaten roundly is usually interpreted as patronizing, condescending or sarcastic tho, so i stay away from that, and instead try not to brag and be a good, modest winner)

    Anyway, i mentioned that in order to summarize my post: How would you go about most efficiently getting from newly starting out to having a good base of cards, from which to expand one's collection, and having at least a few competitive deck.

    Would appreciate anything helpful you have to say! :D

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    Online Resources:

    Imo one of the first things players should look at if they want an online resource is https://masteringruneterra.com. It gives you a good insight on the meta and gives a general sense of direction for what is strong and what isn't. I can't find any up to date resources for beginner's but there are a couple on https://runeterraccg.com/beginners-guides/ that might be worth looking at.

    Card collection:

    Honestly, this game gives you a lot of cards pretty quickly just from playing. You should be able to get a meta deck within a week or two. If you're wondering which cards you should be aiming for. Just pick a deck to aim for and look at the highest cost cards that you haven't gotten yet and go for that region. You can try to maximize your XP gain by playing Path of Champions but if it's not your cup of tea then feel free to skip it, it's not a necessity. Getting cards in this game should not be a worry.

    Also, the strongest cards in this game are often cheap as hell. Outside of champions, the rares and epics make up a good chunk of the strongest cards in this card. The epics card pool are 80% worthless cards that's not worth trying to go for.

    Meta decks or general deckbuilding:

    There are a lot of sites online that can show you the meta decks to netdeck from. However, the easiest and fastest way to get some is just by going through the leaderboards and looking at the decks those players are using. This is generally the best way to get a good deck even if they're not the best for newer inexperienced players. I don't suggest crafting them immediately if you're unsure what the deck is, but it should be a good direction to look at.

    Take my words with a grain of salt. I'm unranked and only play casuals lmao.

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