Soooo Tierlist Looking Kinda Sus Right Now

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    Elusive good stuff and Viktor card pile are S tier?

    Like I know I haven't played the game for a while and they nerfed all the broke stuff namely Ionia tellstones and mildly tweaked the overstated Swain but I guaranteee there's better decks to play then just elusive good stuff.

    So let's talk about what good from a brewers perspective who never plays S tier stuff anyways and still does fine.

    Discard - they buffed Jinx obviously in a big way but I might actually give Draven Sion another look just jamming that 7 drop when people aren't running 9 bounces and stuns makes a big difference.

    Landmark - just good midrange junk man, now that you're not getting instantly fed on by every single Swain deck in the meta you can just do your landmark things and win

    Bandlecity - with the pirate aggro nerf a while back and the tweaks to Nami go wide decks yordlea are looking like a far more serious deck option

    Daybreak - the Leona buff wasn't that long ago and once again midrange decks that aren't Swain are playable again, even less rallies to worry about.

    Jayce/Lux - P and Z control that isn't ezreal or Taylor swift is gonna work far better after the death of Lee Sin and combo decks in general

    Raaaaaamp - yeah the troll buff actually matters, allows feel the rush to exist outside of shadow isles naturally 

    Frostbite - wait is freijord good again  cuz now we got Ash playable again too, I know people forgot this region exists but it's there

    Deep - deep didn't go anywhere it was always strong and in a bounce less world its even better

    I could do this all day and list decks potentially under looked in LOR right now because it honestly looks like after the major Ionia nerfs people forgot how to play this game.

    Aaaaaah I can't just jam Akshan and cycle champions in 20 of my decks anymore aaaaaah.

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    Why the heck are you even going to mobalytics anymore? Ever since the fiasco with Swim, the site has been a joke. Honestly, it wasn't even very good when he was still around. is where you should be looking. Just forget mobalytics ever existed.


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    Mastering runeterra is a little better:

    1. Kat Gwen - got the new landmark so a good deck got a little better- obvious weaknesses and a little dusty but it's aight

    2. Kayne Vayne - meh Kayne is absolutely buffed in the latest patch bit Vayne is probably the least interesting way to run him

    3. Elusive Good stuff - yup still here being unremarkable 

    4. Annie Tf - just buffed but at a 50% winrate people aren't building the list right

    5. Timeliness- I had mentioned ramp is in a good position but again 50% the deck is better then that try getting out of shadow isles

    6. Sophie Viktor - sub 50%

    So other then elsuvie good stuff, Gwen, and Vayne these list are failing to obtain a positive win rate.

    So basically my point still stands whether it's Swims old website Mobalytics (rip) or Majin Baes new website nobody has figured out how to play after the auto build Ionia meta.

    Jesus I'm running the table with an elite list that's how absolute dog poop peoples current meta expectations are right now. Again, I can do a post and talk about what decks out of our massive card pool are worth considering and what isn't.

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    For the record, what I posted was not a tier list. It was just meta stats. So, it only shows what people are playing most, not what is actually performing well.

    Edit - For the list of the best-performing decks currently, this guy has the lowdown on that: Best Decks Nov 22

    With all that being said, I'm still kicking people's butts with Privateers, aka MF/Swain. It's hilarious to see people flail about trying to handle two or three Leviathans.

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    Posted 1 week, 1 day ago

    Yah I typically don't bother with smork decks I think there's a pretty nasty habit people fall into where it's like there's lethal and you achieve it by playing things that kill people

    Then there's all the cool actual synergistic stuff where your champs and deck choices matter and you're not boring

    I have been noticing people tend to have forgotten the difference

    So when I bring in an actual deck that does something and the opponent tries to emulate the midrange matchup they instantly lose because they have forgotten how to play LOR like mtg

    But LOR like hearthstone they got the covered.

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