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Ionia Region Strength (And is Deny Overrated?)

  • SchitJustWorks's Avatar 65 25 Posts Joined 12/23/2019
    Posted 7 months ago

    Alright, so I'm actually on my 4th region review, now! Ionia is definitely pretty strong compared to the Noxus post I had posted last week considering they have tools like 'Deny'. you guys think Deny is overrated!? Personally, I think it is due to it not being about to counter burst spells.

    I do have another video up that specifically addresses Deny, but it is also mentioned in this Ionia review. Let me know what you think! =)


    ALSO - PS - There is supposedly news coming up on Sunday (possibly later) and I mention that in this video as well. So if you want to know more about that then here ya' go!

  • DoubleSummon's Avatar 910 1713 Posts Joined 03/25/2019
    Posted 7 months ago

    I totally disagree with "deny is not that good because it can't stop burst spells.. even if there are a ton of burst spells it doesn't matter in hs there are a ton of vanilla minions and they don't get played so it's not a point to be made about a card what matters is the meta.. if spells such as dusk and dawn are prevalent in the meta deny is a premium counter.. anyway the problem with deny is that it's unique there should be other similar effects but not as generalist on the same time like a counter to fast spells or to slow spells or to abilities not all in one package..

    Anyway didn't notice about the Sunday news quite excited really..

    We just saw a little about the game also I am sure there will be some new balance changes when the beta gets released.. so a lot of what you are rating might be obsolete. why are you rating out of 6 though? and what are the rating metrics? just feels random.

    Just my 2 cents looking at another video you posted of gameplay, it would be better if the game was full screen and the audio for the game should play once.. it sounds weird to me.. also another thing you have too many obvious edit cuts I dunno how to fix it I see a lot of editors (like jens for trump or "the editor" of firebat cutting parts in a way you wouldn't notice..) try not to cut when a card gets played or it's sound gets played it feels weird and you need to catch up with it.. good luck with your LoR youtube channel.

  • FortyDust's Avatar 165 283 Posts Joined 05/29/2019
    Posted 6 months, 3 weeks ago

    Honestly, I think of Deny as a more balanced version of Magic's Counterspell. Yes, it's going to seem slightly weak if you are coming from a Magic background, but its limitations actually make the game stronger overall.

    It's obviously a strong card, but not a panacea. That is a good thing. I would not want to play this game if it were stronger, even though I do intend to play some Ionia, and I do expect to use Deny in most Ionia decks.

    I was super-excited when I saw some streamers trying (and failing) to use Deny in the middle of a resolution stack. You can't do that in Runeterra, and I'm SO glad this game doesn't get as fiddly with technicalities as Magic. That kind of thing just slows down the gameplay way too much, and the tiny layer of added strategy doesn't justify that cost.

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