Deck Highlight - Graplr Nora Braum

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    People who know me are familiar with my love of Freijord.

    Often times the absolute worst region in the game suffering in the midrange and control archetypes vs stronger alternatives with aggro not existing in that color.

    So I was pleasantly surprised to see Graplr streaming a Braum Freijord list not once, not twice, but three times.

    I like everything I see here from the way he's playing.

    Basically get a Big Nora board going then buried in ice for your wincon for open swing.

    Use freeze, deny, and braum to delay the game and tavern keeper for healing.

    For board presence you have the Nora pkg creatures, and she supplies draw as well.

    I love it, while the "best" players are thinking of which meta champions to 3 way split into a card pile meta vomit "optimal" strategy...

    The real players are like hey here's a deck I like, I gonna win with it.

    Game on Graplr keep the brews going strong buddy!

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