New Patch Is A Banger

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    Once again Riot hits it out of the park with its patches proving that they are generally far more exciting then the expansions themselves.

    Also no rotation yet thank God, my boy vlad gets to still draw breath.

    So big changes Kayle gets to actually be a card.

    Whenever a champ goes down 1 mana its a big deal for those who remember Kindred used to be 5 mana and it was awful, then it became 4 mana and has seen meta play.

    So Kayle going down from 6 to 5 is huge. Will I player her? Maybe as a Bard finisher because he's underplayed right now.

    Katarina nerf. She went from unplayable to meta and now she's just good in the decks that want her. The free flock activator plus free rally combo is still strong.

    Quietus nerf: people are overselling this a bit but I will tell you where the big difference is and thats malkai and veigar. When your 4 mana champ dies to a 1 mana spell and your deck revolves around them you insta lost. So big props for darkness being a deck again, generally cooler then like Nora shadow or heimer shadow.

    Illois pkg buff: Illoi Jarvan, and Illoi Healing are cool decks that deserve to be playable. Very happy with these buffs l.

    Weapon master pkg: Ash freijord midrange was always challenging to run competitively so Orn Jax was meant to be our savor. It kinda was but it needed buffs and it got it. Solid B+ tier deck now I say.

    Yi buff: yi is gonna be the new Ionia staple control card no doubt. Very good buff here where he levels in deck, so you can bounce to protect ans retain value.

    Lissanda buff: thralls playable again, hot Take I like thralls it's a tribal deck in a game where card piles are often better then archetypes. But the devs have taken strides to reverse this.

    Shivana buff: levels in deck so going all in on shadow, demacia dragons might be worth revisiting. Remember that deck?

    Lucian 1 mana: I think kenin has showed us that this stat line when properly built can be insane in a combo deck. So you definately want to slow roll him now. Setting up his level up on swing and playing him last. Or you just play him like temo and don't care if he dies.

    Shurima control: weight of judgement and castigate, gives the region some flexibility for a slow game plan outside of sundisc. Don't get me wrong I think sundisc is "good" for the game. I just personally find it boring as hell.

    So once again great patch Riot we practically got 1 brand new champion, and 1 ruinate and a ton of big balance stuff. Going to be very impactful overall. Archetypes over card piles all day!!!

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