Have I Become OP?

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    Posted 4 days, 17 hours ago

    What is happening I literally can't lose right now.

    I play two mystic shots and opponents concede

    I turbo out a board full of thralls and they concede

    I hit all my landmarks for Ryze they concede

    Did I transcend r and g to become a LOR God?

    Have I memed so hard that I have become a meme, some card game equivalent of one punch man?

    Or maybe after being so heavily greefed for so long they finally realized I'm just better?

    Ah well bound to happen eventually I guess I'll just keep winning non stop why not

    Although it is funny when you run mono Darius to delibrity lose and opponents think they've accomplished something

    Sorry only had a couple throws in me hope you guys enjoyed its back to winning non stop, mono Darius ain't it who knew ;)

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