High Rolling Every Game

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    You see it really makes no difference to me.if you want to highroll every game in casual que.

    If you can duplicate those results go hit masters.

    Be my guest, I did it by like playing my decks out and strategizing.

    But blind luck is good too.

    Channel that energy lol

    Yep see the reason why I can consistently beat elites one of the best meta decks with trash is because I level, play for wincons, actually engage with my deck.

    Not just huh how can I hit the board as op as possible by mana 3. Like sure go for it but it will only get you so far.

    Yep I wasn't sure if it was just me but the minute I got out of casual que and back on master ladder it was like my opponent wasn't even playing the same game as me. 

    Memes are fun, I love memes, but as soon as it's just me and you on ladder you're not even breathing

    Yep I thought so you're useless into burn one of the top decks played right now. Try building around something other than board spam and you might win into aggro.

    Like you can counter brew me thats fine I'm primarily a midrange player but what happens when the top meta deck does 10 dmg burn to face? You just say gg go next? Good luck with that.

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