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    Zilean: 3 Mana ,1 Strength, 3 Health, 'create a Time Bomb when I survive damage',

    Level up: 'I get summoned a second time' -> 1 Strength 5 Health, 'create a time bomb when I survive damage', 'create a Time Warp after casting 2 spells this round'

    Time Bomb: 3 Mana, Fast, 'Deal 5 damage to an enemy at the start of next round' (This shouldnt be a card that you can put in your deck)

    Time Warp: 5 Mana, Slow, 'End the round immediately, End of Round effects dont trigger'

    You like these? You have some adjustments in your mind?

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    I like the idea of creating custom champions for those not yet in the game - I even started a thread about it, if you're willing to necro - but I'm concerned about Time Warp. It sounds like you can keep producing Time Warps if you play 2+ spells a round, and being able to turn off your opponent's Attack turn more than once is just nuts.

    If you have the time, you should totally check out our weekly Hearthstone card design competitions! :D

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    Posted 5 days, 3 hours ago

    We have a Custom Runeterra section if you wish to share some fan-made cards.

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    It would be cool to get some new Keywords. Some ideas I think would be interesting:


    Immunity: This card cannot gain status effects (Frostbite, Vulnerable, Stun)

    Swarm: +1 Attack for each other swarm unit in play

    Titanic: This card can be blocked by more than one unit. It cannot be blocked by only one unit.

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