What is your favorite region and why?

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    Freljord is my fav. Not because I win with it most of the time. I actually don't. I just like the cards interactions and their lore. I like the whole bit with one person (Ashe) trying to bring about peace and another (Sejoani) who is hard headed and stuck in the old ways who thinks peace breeds weakness and war makes them strong. Which to be fair, she's not wrong, but war does more harm than good in the long run and Ashe sees this where she doesn't.

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    Don't forget my favorite Freljord champion, the third queen: Lissandra!

    Freljord is also my favorite region. Gameplay-wise I like the focus on strong units and Frostbite: my favorite (really only) deck is my Ashe-focused Freljord + Noxus midrange deck. I want to win through unit combat, showing you that my board is superior to yours. No comboes, nothing underhanded; just a straight-up fight between warriors...with a little board control thrown in :D

    I have to wait a little bit longer for Mt. Targon to appear in-game: that's where Leona is, my favorite champion ever. I really hope Mt. Targon + Freljord will be a good combo, but she'll probably be focused on Stuns so I'm guessing Targon + Ionia to mix with Yasuo.

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    Shadow Island

    I love the Elise concept.
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