Glitched Losses

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    I wanted to know if this was happening to anyone else. I have had a couple games where the game had decided that I don’t want to defend, at key moments where defense is a necessity. It’s led to several losses, even in ranked. It’s not that the game times out. It just skips my defense step entirely. Again, I just wanted to know if this is happening to anyone else and if they are looking into it.

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    Could it be possible that the opponent had units with either fearsome or elusive and you were not able the opponent's units because of it? If that is the case and you also happen to not have any spells that are playable during the attack phase of your opponent, then the game automatically skips your 'defensive turn'.

    Edit: Like Sinti mentioned below, the game only auto-skips your turn if you have that setting enabled (and you have no available plays).

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    Sounds like a combination of few things, what GerritDeMan said, but mainly you probably have the auto-turn-end enabled, and then you didnt have any plays, so it automatically ended your defense turn. You really should turn that off in settings, not only will that give you more time to evaluate your plays, but it wont give away information to your opponent, like in your scenario that you have no plays in that particular moment.

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