The New Region Tier List Post Patch 1.2

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    Posted 2 years, 6 months ago

    The times they are a changing boys.


    Assumptions made by streamers and pro players prior to the release of the patch have been proven false.


    The sooner you accept this, the better you will do on ranked ladder.


    So which regions were the big winners.


    Tier 1 - Frejord


     Yup from meme to dream, slow rolling is how the game is played now and this region is the best at that style of play


    It turns out that early game pressure doesn't exist to keep this faction in check anymore


    You can pair it with Noxious, or Shadow or Ionia or Bilge


    It honestly doesn't really matter, you can even go pure allegiance


    Expect to see an obnoxious amount of Sejuani over the next month


    Tier 2 - Bilgewater


    This faction is just a card advantage control machine and in a meta where healing doesn't matter this is very very strong


    You can run any champions that generate additional value but TF is the best at this.


    What else is there to say plunder effects are very good right now


    Tier 3 - Shadow Isles


    Healing's decreased importance see's Shadow drop down a bit but the sheer flexibility of the faction means it's still very strong.


    Run keg control, run ephemerals for fun, probably not spiders anymore, but sea monsters and they who endure are fine.


    Tier 4 - Ionia


    Stun effects, will of ionia, counter spells these things are naturally good in a slower meta


    But we can't pretend that this faction wasn't nerfed decently hard


    Ironically, enlightened decks with Fejord are okay now, again no early game pressure


    Stun decks with mr samurai were designed to deal with aggro and midrange and they don't exist anymore


    Tier 5 - P And Z


    The burn nerfs hit harder than anyone else predicted and Temo is not a good sub for rearguard


    He is too R And G and he doesn't interact well with transfusion


    Ezreal is fine, but P and Z struggles to deal with huge creatures, 3 thermos will only get you so far


    Heim has similar issues where his turrets don't deal with overwhelm


    Tier 6 - Noxious


    The aggro noxious identity isn't really a thing now, but the Vlad list is so strong that it almost makes up for it


    Swain is a little worse by proxy, in a game where you can't bring the nexus health down to 0 by turn 6


    Tier 7 - Demacia


    Oh how the mighty have fallen bannerman are nowhere to be seen, or missfortunes scouts, or Fiora thanks to the stand alone nerf


    That really just leaves Lux, who again 4 damage removal  is less valuable when every list has unlimited card advantage and huge dudes


    I look forward to all of the angry trolls in the comments and the silent confirmation that this list is accurate in the next two weeks.



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    Posted 2 years, 6 months ago

    Im not sure that I agree that Freljord is the best region. Ionia still has power cards like eye of the dragon, Karma, and Will of Ionia. Shadow Isles still has the Ruination, Ledros, and Drain cards. Freljord still lacks any kind of win condition that doesn’t rely on a second region (like Anivia or They Who Endure with SI).

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    Posted 2 years, 6 months ago

    Honestly, plunder is it's own win con.


    It turns out that if your opponent runs out of cards they can't play the video game anymore.


    That's why bilge Frej with Sej and TF is one of the best lists out of the new meta.


    I'm usually ahead of the curve on stuff like this and the fact that the first response is a casual shrug, vs the you're wrongs I was getting before indicates that people are accepting that the game is different now.

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    Posted 2 years, 6 months ago


    Nobody does this, why be annoying? 

    Tl;Dr, saw freljord first(weakest region) and Demacia(strongest region) last, with arrogance through the roofs with your first sentence. Not gonna read this wall of text specially not when centered and people called you on that, and know-it-all attitude.

    Also calling the posters in the forums trolls is not something I as a member from day one, want other members to do, if you won't accept other people's opinions and call them trolls don't post at all, we don't need toxic posters here we had our share in Hearthpwn. 


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    Posted 2 years, 6 months ago

    If you havent noticed the changes in the meta yet that's okay, give it a week.


    All I see is instant Demacia conceeds as soon as turn 1 plays get answered.


    Like literally what are they gonna do menace you with a 3 attack badger bear, thats not exactly a scary play anymore compared to the buffing potential of Frejord.

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    Posted 2 years, 6 months ago

    If the meta ever slows down as you are predicting, it will be dominated by more greedy versions of Ezreal decks. 

    Hearthstone: Me vs Firebat ->

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    Posted 2 years, 6 months ago

    Its not a prediction, its already happened. 9/10 of recent streamer vids post patch feature frejord, and Sejuani. While there is flexibility in terms of what region you combine with it, it's pretty obvious what has become top tier.


    Youre best second choice for a primary control region is shadow like usual, with bilge being the best card advantage engine to include with shadow or freijord. 


    Ezreal as I mentioned is struggling right now because mystic shot and get excited dont have any good targets.

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    Posted 2 years, 6 months ago

    Seriously, Nifty, please stop with the extra new lines and arbitrary text centering. Your posts are so hard to read....Also, the region name is "Noxus" not "Noxious." And one last thing here (though I'm sure I could find more) - it's not "R and G," it's "RNG" - it stands for "Random Number Generator" and is used as a reference to how software creates pseudo-randomness.

    Your tier list is obviously wrong - Freljord is still by far the worst region in the game, Shadow Isles and Ionia are still the best, and Demacia is certainly well above last. Just looking at the top region combos on Mobalytics (not the tier list, just the meta stats), here are the top seven decks in terms of win rates in order:

    1. Kinkou Elusives
    2. Burn Aggro
    3. Deep Sea Monsters
    4. Demacia Bannerman
    5. Yasuo Control
    6. They Who Endure/Atrocity
    7. Sej/Vlad Crimson

    So, in terms of win rate, the only Freljord deck on that list shows up at 7th. Technically the first and sixth decks include Freljord, but they include very few Freljord cards...Omen Hawk and Elixir of Iron for the first, Avarosan Sentry and They Who Endure for the second. Neither is really a Freljord deck. And the unusual cut-off point I chose - "top 7" - was to get a real Freljord deck into the list. Continuing down the list by win rate, and the next deck to feature Freljord is in 15th place and is more like Kinkou Elusives in terms of how many Freljord cards show up in the deck list. 

    What I think you're seeing is a spike in play rate of Freljord decks, and you're misinterpreting that as a major tier boost. Taking that same data on Mobalytics and sorting by play rate, it's clear that Sejuani paired with Noxus or Bilgewater is very popular right now. Together these make up nearly 20% of the games since patch 1.2, so you're certainly going to see a lot of Freljord on ladder.

    But while these are decently strong decks, they're not the best decks in the game, and Freljord isn't really the star of the show. The Freljord/Noxus decks use Swain or Vladimir as their win conditions, and the Freljord/Bilgewater decks care a lot more about stealing enough of your cards to make a cohesive win condition - the Freljord deck-buffing they feature is a nice-to-have but is also a potential liability in mirror matches.

    What this data does show is that Sejuani is a powerful standalone card, not unlike Vi, and the nerfs to aggro and Vi as well as the buff to Vladimir made her an appealing tool for removal and Nexus damage. But that doesn't make Freljord a strong region.

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    Posted 2 years, 6 months ago

    Dude I'm sorry but elusives is not a deck that people run in this game at any tier.


    Go to swims site if you want to net deck, but he wouldn't have updated for post patch yet.

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    Posted 2 years, 6 months ago

    Kinkou Elusives is a B-tier on this site dude. 

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    Posted 2 years, 6 months ago

    This is the most up to date net decking you can do from a pro player and it's 10 days old.


    It's based on play rates, and we see burn at 17 percent that's why it got nerfed.


    This is the difference between people who play a game and those who blindly follow what they read online.


    They wouldn't even realize that things have hugely shifted after the patch.


    Elusives is nowhere to be seen.


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    I am aware that it is listed as B-tier deck. But those lists are based on picks from streamers, and I made a point of saying that the data I'm using to inform that list is the raw data on the site. I'm not particularly interested in the ranked order offered up by two streamers. And I am also aware that it's not hugely popular right now - play rate is around 2%. But that does not make it a bad deck in terms of how it performs.

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    Posted 2 years, 6 months ago

    Okay so I'm trying to provide people with competitive up to date information about Legends of Runterra, and you're just trying to catch me up by providing irrelevant out of date casual tier lists from a site nobody uses to be good at this game.


    I'm sorry if I don't find that terrible helpful, because you're going to decrease the winrate of other people reading this forum.

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    Posted 2 years, 6 months ago

    The data I'm referencing is not out-of-date; all of it is post patch 1.2, and the "last updated" timestamp on the site is currently as recent as 13 hours ago. (Again, I really cannot stress enough that I am using the raw data tab, not the tier lists tab, on Mobalytics.) I am not arguing that Kinkou Elusives is hugely popular, but in terms of the data available, it has a high win rate (54.4% across all ranks, and 58.9% at Master Ranks). I don't think it's a particularly fun deck, and I recognize that the low popularity also means it has less data from which to draw conclusions, but the data that does exist suggests that it's still a competitively viable deck.

    More to the point though, you've honed in very aggressively on my mention of the Kinkou Elusive deck, but done nothing to refute my broader points about your tier list. Sejuani is a good standalone card, but most of the Freljord is bad and most of the decks that feature the Sejuani package do so to support Noxus and Bilgewater win conditions - she's just icing on the cake. Any other deck that uses cards from the Freljord uses very few, always in support of some other region's win conditions. The Freljord is the worst region, stuck playing second fiddle to any region it's paired with, and the fact that decks with Sejuani are more popular post patch 1.2 does nothing to diminish the reality that Freljord is the worst region in the game.

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    Posted 2 years, 6 months ago

    Every tier 1 list got nerfed so Sej is good is the sentiment now.


    This is why every streamer is running her.


    Like the demacia player is running elites at top ranks, this is how hard the nerfs hit them.


    So frej is good, Dem is a meme 


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    Posted 2 years, 6 months ago

    First off, I would like to say that Sejuani might be good and I see where you are coming from, but Freljord first and Demacia last? I wouldn't say that Freljord is the worst class as of now, that one's arguable (it could be Noxus because it lacks diversity but even then Burn is still good, just not as prominent). I can say that most other regions are in a good position right now and Freljord does have some great tools such as Fury of the North and Elixir of Iron, etc but it's almost certain that Demacia is still such a powerhouse with or without the nerfs. Vanguard Bannerman and Cithria the Bold are definitely still really good.

    If I were to say which region would be first, it'd be a fierce competition between Bilgewater and PnZ. Both classes are versatile enough and they have tons of great tools such as Make it Rain and Mystic Shot and Plunder is a pretty annoying mechanic to fight against. HeimerBADCARDNAME and Vi seems to be running the meta right now, I see them more often than I see Bannerman and Kinkou Elusives right now.

    So to conclude, Freljord definitely not first but I don't think it's the worst. Demacia definitely not a meme, still good just not as prevalent. PnZ and Bilgewater are everywhere. Shadow Isles is a bit conditional because it has great Control tools. Noxus is still Noxus, much burn such wow. Ionia is Ionia, still annoying as ever. So far a decent patch.

    Take my words with a grain of salt. I'm unranked and only play casuals lmao.

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    Posted 2 years, 6 months ago

    Thanks for being reasonable.


    What I can say is that bird, into chef, into bear, into ranger doesn't work now.


    So how do we fix bannerman, is it elites, is it lux with late game.


    The person who figures out the answer to that will be the one who does best with Dem now.

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