Season Of Fortune - Region Tier List

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    Tier 1 - Frejord

    The buff to braum has only cemented the place of this region at top of the pile since patch 1.3, and while its true the power mostly lies in the champions, it turns out thats kind of a big deal. Also the changes to yoink made buffing your deck, and yetis inherently better. Also has some of the best combat tricks in the game.

    Tier 2 - Noxious

    What really impressed me with this region in the new season is deck diversity. Sure we see aggro nox decks of various varieties everywhere, but we also have allegiance just starting to be a thing with the buffed bassalisk rider,  we have its pairings with frejord in midrange builds, you can even run it with shadow with a longer endgame plan

    Tier 3 - Shadow Isles

    Shadow is always the best anti aggro region with withering wail being a pretty obvious mvp control card. The champions are solid offering a variety of deck builds, and keeper is still the best 2 drop in the game despite the nerfs. Deep is still solid, with only ephemeral still being in need of a little work.

    Tier 4 - Bilgewater

    The yoink nerf hit this region hard, you no longer need to fear MF tempo decks like the plague, but that just gives room for gangplank and TF to shine in control builds. Kegs have received consistent buffs and is in a healthy and solid position, the perfect slightly above average region.

    Tier 5 - Ionia

    Provides elusives, counterspells, bounces, and stuns, and great card advantage tools. While there might not be anything about ionia that really strikes you as OP anymore in the champion department, it turns out just being solid is good enough. Ionia struggles against aggro a bit, but punishes midrange so its placement on the tier list will always be moving up and down as the meta changes.

    Tier 6 - P And Z 

    I absolutely love this region, but beyond the very limited applications in burn aggro, and Heimer Vi it's truly underrepresented at the moment. Its top end options could use a few buffs cementing its placement as a control region, with the likes of Corina, celebration day, and that 7 mana multishot removal spell.

    Tier 7 - Demacia

    Not only have they suffered nerfs to their flagship midrange bannerman deck with the likes of badger bear and grizzled ranger falling from grace. But the real bullet to the head, was changing their indestructible spell from burst to fast speed, which hurt lux in a big way. There isn't a lot of reason to run this region other than single combat which is the most efficient removal spell in the game.

    Conclusion - Expect these rankings to change with future balance changes and expansions, legends of runterra is a well designed game and the difference between a top tier region and low tier region is just a numbers tweak away.

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