Expeditions is totally rigged!

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    Posted 1 year, 10 months ago

    I stopped playing it for some time because of it. Up until today that is. I try the mode again today and the same thing happens, again! Its completely rigged at the end. Things are completely fair and balanced up until you get to that last match. Then 100% time, ever time. It will brick your hand and place you against an aggro deck.

    I have got to that last match at least 10 times now and it does that. I pull all expensive crap or just useless spells and can't do anything until turn 4 or 5 and by then I'm already dead. I'm not joking. It's done it every single time. Not once have I had a fair match on the last one and have lost all of them because of it.

    Fix the damn system!

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    Posted 1 year, 10 months ago

    Usually 70-80% of your card pool draft on expedition should be around the 1-3 mana range to avoid inconsistencies.

    Last match you get to repick up to 5 cards to avoid exactly the situation you are complaining.

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    Posted 1 year, 10 months ago

    I find that hard to believe for a number of reasons. 

    1. I have gotten to 7 wins multiple times. So if it is rigged it isn't rigged against me.
    2. If something is rigged to make you lose, it also means that it is rigged to make the other person win. 
    3. What would Riot gain from rigging the game against certain players? Do they think it would make them more money? It certainly wouldn't do anything to make people like the game more. I just don't see a reason for them to want to do it.

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    Posted 12 months ago

    I do very well in constructed mode, also very good at drafting in MTG. But when it comes to expedition in LOR, I feel like I can never win....not even close. The decks I go against seem better than constructed and the opponent literally has more than all the answers and I mean always. Not trying to whine I usually don't care but it seems broken or rigged. last player I had a match with had pretty much the exact constructed deck Irelia Azir ....no chance in hell. Now I will only play this mode if I need to get challenges done. Anyone else experience this? Thought this would be a fun mode but ranked is much easier.  I agree with you 100%.

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    Posted 12 months ago

    I started playing LOR 4 months ago and I got 7 wins in my first expeditions trial. After that I played a new run almost every week and in about 75% of my tries I had at least one 7-win-trial (of the 2). My average is around 5 wins. It's surely not rigged but of course your opponent at 6 wins is pretty good because he's also at 6 wins when he's playing you.

    It was my favorite mode until recently. Now I have enough cards in constructed to make my own homebrews I play expeditions a little less but i'm still looking forward to it when starting a new run.

    It's not only about chosing the best bucket with the best cards. You have to think ahead, if you chose this bucket, what will I be offered after that? And sometimes you'll still end up with a very bad deck but most times you still can get some wins with it if you play seriously. I think it's easier compared to ranked but it probably won't help that i'm mostly playing offmeta and homebrews in ranked.

    FTP_BUST is a good Expedition player to watch on Youtube, he can get to 7 wins with each champion (I still only play the good ones or the ones I'm used to in constructed, if I'll start playing the others my winrate probably drop a bit). His guides (for each champion) are also very useful and will give you some direction.

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    Posted 12 months ago

    This has to be the most hilarious post that ever read on this forum. Why would Expeditions be rigged? Is there an underground gambling system centered around expeditions that we don't know about? Seriously people.

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