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    Now that the expansion has been out for a couple days players have gotten over their initial impressions of the set and we can talk about honest to god counters to Targon as a region.

    I wanted to lay out a few of the findings I have found personally.

    1. Lulu and Taric aren't very good against decks with high levels of interactivity.

    - The essential weakness of support as a playstyle is that it requires that you develop into your board.

    5 new support-focused followers to join the Ionia region in Legends of  Runeterra's Call of the Mountain set | Dot Esports 

    - For example you play this into a 1 drop and you get hit by make it rain, vile feast, or static shock

    2. Slow Rampy Targon lists and card advantage lists get beat out by nab and Ionia

    New keyword, Fury, and 5 Dragon cards descend into Legends of Runeterra's  Call of the Mountain set | Dot Esports

    - Let's say you're playing dragons, Ionia isn't going to care because they can stun and recall your whole board, and Bilgewater will steal your stuff

    3. Day and Night Decks aren't very good...without support that is

    LoR Card: Rahvun, Daylight's Spear

    - Let's take day man as an example Leona needs dayman and if they can't get one to stick they can't go off.

    - But what if instead we had a backup plan in case dayman dies, what if we jammed a wtf lethianthan with Swain

    - Or we ran Frejord just to ensure day man had elixir of iron

    4. The point is that Targon is a support region in the sense that it needs to compliment the more straight forward power present in other colors.

    - The days of just jamming hush into an existing list and pretending it's better are over

    - consider grabbing faster celestial plays, jamming huge dude's isn't going to cut it anymore

    - Remember that everything has a counter figure out what you need to be playing around.

    That's it guys let me know what counters you guys have found for Targon

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    Posted 2 years, 3 months ago

    So how do you counter it in expedition?

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    You don't counter a region; you counter an archetype.

    Targon in particular supports several very different archetypes that are countered by very different strategies and lists.

    I would recommend picking one archetype and starting a new thread.

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    Posted 2 years, 3 months ago

    We've actually seen Targon on mass being evaluated lower by pro players a week after the sets release.

    So I think it was possible to counter the region whether that is just play pattern knowledge or including different tech options in old lists.

    That's why I tried to go through a few popular archetypes in the new set and lay out how to beat them

    Dragons, lulu, and daylight in this instance

    But I could literally go through every deck type of the new set and outline its weak points if you prefer

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