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    Posted 5 months, 3 weeks ago

    I just had a bomb dropped on me. There needs to be a way to read the celestial cards or they need to fucking show up in the list to see what the hell happened. I thought there was a deal 15 damage to all units spell about to go off. So I wasted two spells knocking off his spell shield and then used barrier on my buffed Garen. Then that shit went off and it only damaged my units. Is this really the spell? Because that is light years better than the Ruination feels super balanced. RNG wins ................... impressive this game killed the aspect that made it a fast paced strategy game and replaced it with luck draws. 

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    It's not a celestial card though.. its' A-sol's signature spell and it's main deckable.

    The Skies Descend - you need a board to play this.. with ruination you can fall behind and then play the card.. this is only good if the boards are even.. or as a finisher/win more.

    if you don't know all the cards in th game it's basically your fault.

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    For what it's worth, it sounds like you're describing The Skies Descend, which is not actually a celestial card but rather Aurelion Sol's signature spell.

    I don't know what list you're referring to, but I assume you mean the collection manager - I'm pretty sure they do show up in the play tracker on the left side of the game, which is why I'm assuming what I am. They can be very hard to find in the collection navigator, but they are in there. The way to view them in game is to go into the card view for the collection manager, open up the filters section, scroll to the bottom of that section, and then click the "Celestials" box in "Special Categories." This will show all the Celestial cards. While several of them obliterate enemies (which can be very frustrating, since most spells can't protect against that), there isn't a ton of damage-based removal - I think Meteor Shower is the only one.

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    Skies Descend requires your opponent to drain every ounce of mana they have, unless they have a full board of celestial/dragons.  (In which case the cost would be reduced by 6).  But if your opponent has a full board of celestial/dragons, chances are you've already lost anyways since you haven't been controlling the board.  And at that point, Skies Descend is meant to eliminate any potential blockers you have and clean up the game.

    I'm actually fine with Skies Descend because unlike Ruination, it can ONLY be played while ahead.  If you are behind and not developing any presence, you can't play Skies Descend, and if you are toe-to-toe, your opponent can either play around it, or try to challenge your units to make it unplayable.

    In my opinion, ruination is actually the less balanced of the two board clears.  For one, it can be played from behind making it an overall better stall card or "hail mary".   Secondly, it is part of Shadow Isles, which holistically doesn't care about some of it's own units dying and in some ways benefits from it.  So any deck running Ruination doesn't care about the "backlash" effect.  

    And most of the new targon/celestial spell cards are slow speed. Which means you have time to react, re-develop your board, etc.  Slow is actually fine because I get tired of burst spells constantly outdoing things.  Slow allows the back and forth play/counter play that LoR is supposed to be known for.

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    Ok so first off, SpellShield doesn't stop your own spells. So basically even if The Skies Descend hits ALL units. Then, it will still kill their own units regardless or not they have SpellShield and I understand that not everyone gets this but it is technically in the explanation.

    Which brings me to my second point, read the cards. I know that Riot wording is not the best (like how SpellShield is worded) but some cards you can definitely understand such as the way that The Skies Descend has all enemies written in it instead of ALL units which is what RuinationBADCARDNAME has.

    Third, RuinationBADCARDNAME is still a better card than The Skies Descend but at the same time, they do two very different things especially since they are in two different regions.

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    Posted 5 months, 3 weeks ago
    Quote From FenrirWulf

    Ok so first off, SpellShield doesn't stop your own spells.

    That's good to know. I had missed that. (Never came up)

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    Posted 5 months, 2 weeks ago

    A full board of dragons/celestials would actually make it cost 12 less, since it's reduced by 2 for each dragon/celestial. So, it's theoretically possible for the card to cost 3, but that would never happen, since the game would have ended before that kind of situation could happen.

    But yeah, @OP - it literally says on the card that it's enemies. And since the card is the Champion spell of Aurelion Sol, you could have clicked on the opponent's deck, clicked their Aurelion Sol, and clicked over to his Champion spell to read the card text, even if there was no Sol on the board.

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