Bruised By God Spitting Hard Truths

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    Posted 2 years, 2 months ago

    A fun little quote from him at time code 22.25

    Only 10 new cards were released from this set that see play

    The only new list is Asol Trundle ramp and even then Bilgewater Noxious is just better

    He also praises Fiora Shen which isn't being played by anyone really but has the potential to be great

    This list was grabbed straight off swim's website if you want to try it, it's the same one Bruised is streaming

    Although he run's dragons on 5, which is a whatever change

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    Posted 2 years, 2 months ago

    BBG is an absolutely amazing card game player, excellent streamer, and all around good person.

    However, you are just not correct in your opinion here, and that comment by BBG was one little comment on one day. Maybe he just didn't see much variety that day, or maybe he's talking mainly about tournaments (which are a LOT different from ladder).

    Here is the actual link to the Mobalytics tier list. If you go down through all the A-tier lists, you will see the following new champions in decks:

    -Leona (with Lux)

    -Diana and Nocturne

    -Trundle with Warmothers and Tryndamere

    Warmothers probably doesn't count as a new deck, but adding Trundle and the NEW ramp to it makes it a LOT stronger.

    Diana/Nocturne is 100% new, and Nicmakesplays hit #1 NA with his version of it very early in the expansion. Leona/Lux also plays a lot of new cards.

    In fact, lets list off all the CoTM cards that are in a Tier S or Tier A deck. Aurelion Sol, Infinite Mindsplitter, Revitalizing Roar, Cygus, Sunburst, Screeching Dragon, Trundle, Starshaping, Leona, Nocturne, Troll Ravager, Crescent Guardian, Doombeast, Hush, Mentor of the Stones, Solari Priestess, Behold the Infinite, Diana, Guiding Touch, Lunari Shadestalker, Zenith Blade, Jack the Winner, Pale Cascade, Stalking Shadows, Solari Shieldbearer, Solari Soldier, Rahvun, Unspeakable Horror, Troll Chant, Troll Scavenger, Lunari Duskbringer, Spacey Sketcher, Gift Giver, and Stygian Onlooker.

    I think that's a few more than 10, TBH.

    Bottom line: BBG was exaggerating, and probably focusing mainly on the tournament scene, not on ladder.

    Edit: updated the list of cards due to a couple of small mistakes. It is now completely accurate.

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    Posted 2 years, 2 months ago

    So are you receiving medication for your denial or is it just untreatable?

    Look man just like he says the game isn't as fresh as it could be.

    It's because core set, and rising tides is just better than call of the mountain

    I don't like this fact but it does explain why Swim doesn't play anymore

    mogwai stopped his balance podcasts

    because if anyone says anything insightful about LOR it's just Nah Ah

    baby rage, denial, refusal, hatred, delusions

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    Posted 2 years, 2 months ago


    No one is disagreeing with you about the Targon expansion being somewhat underwhelming, people just think that it isn’t quite as awful as you are making it out to be. Sto650 just calmly explained why he thinks that more than ten cards are viable, he is not saying that the expansion is perfect and he definitely isn’t delusional. People can disagree with part of your idea without it meaning that they are against all of it. 
    On your problems about the meta and streamers leaving, I’m pretty sure that will be solved in a few days with the next patch, or maybe next month with the new expansion. A decline in a card game’s viewership and streamers is natural when it’s been a while since the last expansion, it doesn’t mean that LoR is failing.

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    Posted 2 years, 2 months ago

    Interpret my post however you want to. 

    But that list of cards I posted there is not denial, baby rage, refusal, hatred, delusion, or anything else of the sort. Its pure, hard fact. Every single one of those 34 cards is currently listed in a Tier A or Tier S deck on the mobalytics tier page. This is a fact that is 100% beyond dispute (as of the time I posted the list).

    Edit: How exactly is Swim not playing anymore when he literally just played a tournament this weekend?

    Edit #2: updated the list because I had missed a couple cards.

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