[Rant] Shadow Isles and Elusive

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    Howdy, I'm Taka. Been playing MtG since Lorwyn, YGO for a little bit longer, League since Xin Zhao's release, and Legends of Runeterra for about three days. I know I have a lot of room to get better at any of these games, but I believe my observations here still apply based on my previous experience in other games.


    Anyhow, let's talk Shadow Isles, or the equivalent of MtG's Black if it decided to take steroids and throw any sense of opportunity cost out the window. Last breath, death bonuses, sacrificial combat tricks, hard removal, a hard sweeper, a fling, good aggro with Fearsome, drain on removal, and, probably the most annoying currently, Go Hard that turns into a one-sided sweeper and win-con. Not saying it doesnt have answers: Im sure it does. But it is overloaded with so much good stuff right now.


    As for Elusive, this is more of an issue with the lack of answers available and how much value certain units with Elusive have. Sure, it is the equivalent of MtG's Flying, but at least Flying in MtG is either available to every color or can at least be answered by those where it isnt. Most of Noxus removal does nothing without an ally on board or without the elusive unit in question already being damaged, and Freljord has Frostbite which is less of answer and more of a stall tactic.


    Apologies if this is inappropriate or unfounded; just been having a lot of frustration dealing with these two aspects of this game.

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    Hi Takadama, welcome to LoR! On your criticisms of balance, I would agree that a lot of them are valid, but as you play more games and in more metas, you’ll see that there are other strategies that are often better than SI or Elusives. For example, there have been metas where Ashe Noxus using Frostbites and Yetis were Tier 1, and in another meta PnZ/Noxus burn was overturned and killed players super early with tons of direct Nexus damage. However, there is no denying that SI has some very powerful cards that have allowed them to take over a lot of metas and basically cements them as an always somewhat viable region due to their amazing control cards and Aggro cards. However, I trust that the LoR development team will continue to Nerf SI cards whenever they become too problematic (if you look at LoR’s history, SI has gotten a huge number of nerfs, and used to be way better than it is now). Sorry if this was a bit rambly, I just wanted to explain that SI has a history of being troublesome but that the LoR devs have consistently nerfed it when it has overtaken the meta. Patch notes will actually release tomorrow which should address some of these issues (people are expecting Go Hard and Grand Plaza to be nerfed).

    As for Elusives, I would say that they are actually in a pretty healthy spot today, especially in comparison to LoR early days. Back in beta, only Ionia had good Elusives (outside of Heimerdinger’s bots), so Ionia Elusives decks couldn’t be contested by any other region. However, Bilgewater and Targon have been released and both feature lots of Elusives, giving the concept more counterplay. Additionally, Sharpsight has given Demacia a way to block Elusives. Currently, I don’t think that there’s really any full Elusives deck other than Fiora Sparklefly (and having more Elusives wouldn’t even be that great against it), so I don’t think that elusive decks are a huge problem. I do think that Elusive is a very dangerous keyword, but I think that as long as it properly balanced, it can add another interesting way to play the game. If you want more ways to counter Elusives, you could als try playing decks with more removal options, such as Ezreal Draven. 

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