Legends Of Runterra Is Free To Win

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    Posted 1 year, 9 months ago

    For those that have past ccg experience, gwent, hearthstone, mtg arena,

    You'll know that staying on top of the ever evolving card pool is basically impossible without spending money and opening packs.

    If you have a life that is and don't want to grind 

    Legends however, I've routinely taken off months at a time and catch up on champs in like 2 weeks of casual play.

    The rewards system is outstanding, the fact you can convert draft tokens into cards without playing.

    Everything is set up to ensure that you can have access to every single deck you want without killing yourself.

    So the only thing left is skill.

    I know I've been having a blast, and I also know I'll leave again and come back just as strong.

    Just to emphasize the point here's the hottest new meta list and I had no problem getting the cards

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