More Boss ideas for Lab of Legends (Gangplank, Shyvana, Karma)

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    Given that it's likely that Riot updates Lab of Legends with new Bosses every once in a while, I wanted to create a few Boss ideas (including the two fights that lead up to it) that I think would be interesting to play against. I'm not sure on the balance, but after some playtesting I think Riot could make the decks and passives feel fair to play against. The way I think my Bosses could be incorporated is that they would become a part of a rotating pool of Bosses, and at the beginning of each run you see which Bosses you'll face (so you can build your deck to beat them). I made decks for each enemy of 40 cards, but if the Boss is the 1st or 2nd encounter, the deck would be trimmed a bit to make it around the size of your deck.

    Boss Idea 1: Gangplank (Power Level: 1st or 2nd Boss)

    First Deck: Coral Creatures

    Passive: When you cast a spell, draw 1.

    This deck is meant to be fairly weak, just using the Attune cards and low-cost spells with a passive that makes it hard for them to run out of resources.


    Second Deck: Monkeys

    Passive: Round Start: Deal 1 to the enemy Nexus.

    This deck has guaranteed plunder every round, which allows the monkey dream to come true! I essentially just put in every Plunder card and every Monkey card. This should make this deck quite powerful, which is part of why Gangplank could be a second level Boss.



    Passive: Summon a Powder Keg

    This is an all-in Keg deck that can accumulate kegs to deal lots of damage, with a few Noxus burn cards to make the kegs more likely to actually matter. I'm unsure of how powerful this deck is, but if it turns out to be too good, it can easily be nerfed by removing the Noxus cards (Noxian Fervor and Death's hand).


    Boss Idea 2: Shyvana (Power Level: 1st or 2nd Boss)

    First Deck: The Vanguard

    Passive: Round Start: Rally.

    This deck is meant to be a Midrange Demacia deck with the "Domination" Passive, which makes it powerful but hopefully not OP.


    Second Deck: The Dragonguard

    Passive: Allies have Fury. You always Behold a Dragon.

    This deck is built around using Fury with the Grand Plaza and other challengers. I think this deck is a bit weak, so if this were a second tier Boss, I would buff the passive to also give allies +0|+1, which would make them better at triggering Fury.



    Passive: Your Dragons cost 1 less

    This deck uses the Demacia and Targon Dragon cards with a passive that makes them able to get out early enough to actually be impactful. This passive is very good for a Tier 1 champion, so if it had to be nerfed, I would change it to "Dragon allies have +1|+0."


    Boss Idea 3: Karma (Power Level: 2nd or 3rd Boss)

    First Deck: Disciples of Hirana

    Passive: Start with the Monastery of Hirana. When you recall a unit, double its Power and it keeps any buffs it had.

    This deck is based around using Monastery of Hirana, recall cards, and handbuff cards to generate huge elusive units that can deal lots of Nexus. Because buffs are kept when recalling, the stats of a unit can snowball hard, such as going from a 2/1 to a 4/1 to an 8/1 to a 16/1. However, the only spell the deck has to save its units at fast speed is Homecoming, so it should be somewhat easy to prevent big units by killing the unit. Also, the passive doesn't buff Health, so the deck is vulnerable to Challenger or removal spells.


    Second Deck: The Order of Shadow

    Passive: When you play a unit, summon an exact Ephemeral copy of it.

    This deck utilizes the powerful Ionian "when I'm summoned" units alongside Sparring Student and Greenglade Duo to buff up the board and get lots of elusive damage.



    Passive: All players start at 10 Mana.

    This deck is comprised of all the expensive Ionia and Freljord units as well as the "Enlightened" cards. By starting each player at 10 Mana, Karma starts leveled and can cast powerful spells or play units like She Who Wanders to try to overwhelm the opponent. This passive might be kind of weak due to the number of player passives and items that draw cards, but I think that with an early She Who Wanders or a Turn 2 Warmother's call, it might be possible for Karma to win. Alternatively, it could end up being insanely powerful, in which can Karma can easily be nerfed by lowering the curve and cutting out some of the more powerful late-game cards. 


    So what do y'all think of my ideas? Would these be fun bosses to play against? Do you have any cool ideas for other Bosses and Passives?

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    Lot's of cool ideas here. Lab of legends have been the most fun lab for me and I wouldn't mind seeing it expanded and turned into a permanent game mod.

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