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    Posted 1 year, 9 months ago

    So there are a lot of people making bold statements about what is and isn't op right now during the expansion.

    But let's ground things a little with a mobalytics article and I'll break down each list and how I feel about it.

    Azir Scouts (LoR deck 3-7)

    A lot of this is gonna seem obvious extra attacks plus sandmen equals double value and double aggression

    Rememberance if a bunch of your tokens are dying you get to cast it for free

    Rangers resolve as anti wail/ice shard tech

    Rock hopper is supposed to synergize with greenfang warden where you get to utilize barrier to challenge, not sure how reliable that is at 2 a piece

    Also ancient preparations will probably get cut it doesn't do anything in this list

    But everything else look great.

    The thing is though we have so many great aggro lists that this is looking B tier right now

    Life After Death (LoR deck 3-7)

    I had said that they who nasus would be a great list during announcement season and here it is

    A lot of this list looks super flexible I like the baccai spinners here, trade with your opponents champ to enable slay

    3 counters to 1 atrocity is interesting, and again we see a lot of confidence in rock hopper which I don't share

    Black spear is great I always thought that card was underated, and thresh gets you the box too

    I would say this deck has A tier potential

    Liss Trundle (LoR deck 3-7)

    Hey look it's anivia control without the jank, not much else to say

    You just stall and stall and stall till your free 8/8's pop out fresh as daisies

    Spectral matron is fun, you play it on rekindler or inquisitor and it levels Lissandra

    Honestly just super solid S tier stuff here

    Kindred Elise (LoR deck 3-7)

    So it's ledros control without carina, and without the otk potential of concurrent timelines

    I don't think this list makes sense honestly, like all you need is like 1 hush play and this deck is done

    I think this list is being carried by surrenders, people just get hard controlled and give up

    So veiled Temple Thaliyah with Aphelios is a strong mana cheating list

    I really like weight of judgement here card is super undervalued I run it as a 1 of in a lot of decks

    Goal is pretty simple stack your buffs on one dude and then infernum for overwhelm

    You also get your burn dmg from leveled Thalia 

    The only question is, better than TF Aphelios where you get your free 3/4 challengers

    Just having deny might make it better, but it looks weak to aggro I see the fangs going down on 4 and its too little too late


    The truth is though a lot of important lists are absent I believe that there is absolutely a very strong Rekton list out there 

    I believe that Ash with Leblanc looks absolutely nuts

    I think deep should be revisited, along with dragons

    The fact a lot of what we are seeing is people just playing shadow isles is not a great sign on the creativity front

    and what about Sivr, you can't tell me she's garbage, she has spell shield and quick attack like holly crap

    Anyway that's it for me, let me know what you guys think down below.

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    Posted 1 year, 9 months ago

    Yeah, that Mobalytics report is awfully blind to some of the stand-out performers of the new meta so far.

    I've been seeing a lot of Fiora, and man does it drive me crazy. Fiora is easily the most annoying champion to have to play against, because they always have the answer. All-in Fiora decks are essentially impossible to beat without Hush or Vengeance.

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    Posted 1 year, 9 months ago

    Yeah swim showcased two Fiora variants in Freijord and Shurima. Probably why she's gotten popular again.

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    Posted 1 year, 9 months ago

    I am playing so many off meta decks with some deal of sucess is quite funny to even mention the existance of OP decks

    Top decks to beat are:
    Heca/Azyr, TF/Fizz, Draven/Jynx, Darius/Overwhelm army and  Fiora

    Everything else is fine   

    Hearthstone: Me vs Firebat ->

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    Posted 1 year, 9 months ago

    Yeah I had called that heckarim was gonna be pretty strong with sandmen during reveal season

    I don't think the deck is op because it's sitting at like 53 percent winrate, but it's a very polarizing list.

    Do you have healing, do you have a fast speed/burst speed clear option

    can you go wide as fast as they do, if the answer is no you're pretty boned

    In fact it could possible be the sole reason people see lee as tier 3 now which is a huge drop


    Tf fizz, discard aggro, a lot of the new overwhelm list with Reketon, Fiora

    I could absolutely see how queing into these decks over and over could be frustrating

    But you're talking to a guy who still plays deep...soooo I think playing what you want is still very viable

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