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    Glad there's more attention being given to the archetypes that have been subtly improved with the new expansion

    I'll expand on the list provided in the article with both of us agreeing that bloodletter is fantastic for Vlad

    Crimson Bloodletter (LoR Card)

    I prefer the healing synergy with vlad soraka, instead of the obvious vlad braum


    The next one is dragon chow, not only does this hyper level Shivana it provides Demacia with cycling tools which is always needed

    Dragon Chow...? And there is a dragon behind it? NOOOOOOOO. it's precious!  Cmon there needs to be a guardian of this fella where he can live happily  ever after... : LegendsOfRuneterra

    I usually prefer Shivana Lux to Shivana Asol


    Spiders are just a starter list right...wrong

    LoR Card: Shrieking Spinner

    Thanks to this puppy we now have up to 3 grant effects for our go wide tribal strategy that is insanely good


    LoR Card: Thorn of the Rose

    Thorn of the rose is everything Yassao needed

    The card advantage, the removal, the retreat synergy

    It's gotten to the point where you don't need roar anymore

    Which is great that card is super situational


    Having Bilgewater be the king of elusives felt wrong

    Thankfully ionia got this great tool for strong combo potential

    LoR Card: Shadow Apprentice


    LoR Card: Penitent Squire

    While jarvan is actually underperforming

    This girl is single handedly the best reason to run elites again

    Just being able to drop a Garen with challenger is insane

    and honored lord is no slouch

    You'll notice I still use 1 cythria, I also believe in grant abilities for tibal decks such as reinforcements

    Sucession is a flexible 3 drop that empowers passes in situations and off curve plays


    Last but not least we have production surge being a hyper enabler for Heimer level up

    LoR Card: Production Surge

    Feel free to share your off meta lists down below

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    Too bad I can't make any of these yet but love to play off meta decks, keep posting them! :)

    The Youtube channel of Hawktie is also a nice resource of off meta decks. The decks in his best decks of the day playlist aren't that bad either. Anyone know other off-meta streamers like him?

    I playing this game for about a month now. I'm playing homebrew/off meta or tier 2 decks while missing a lot of cards which probably make it look off meta too. Got easily to gold 4 in ranked but I kinda hit a wall now. Losing a lot to tier 1 decks. Strangely enough I'm still getting easy wins in the Gauntlets. Opponents seems to play more off-meta too and I got a prime glory in each week except one (lost the last game).


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    try using King Jarvan III in your elites deck. If jarvan is alive and on the board, it is just a win and you know, elites are sticky units so there are always another units to make it more consistent with King Jarvan III.

    Here is my decklist which includes King Jarvan III if you are interested in.

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