Final Shurima Tier List

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    Posted 1 year, 8 months ago

    So Tf Fizz, and TF Aphelios being both at the very top of S tier is definately a problem one might say.

    One combos out for 20 elusive damage the other invokes infinitely until you concede.

    This is definately a unhealthy spread of extremes where you on the one hand want to run 3 box's but also want to have otk potential.

    Thats not a realistic expectation for 90% of decks out there.

    Its enough I would say to discourage ladder players all together for the next two weeks till a balance patch lands.

    Hopefully we'll see tweaks for the new cards/champions as well.

    We havent seen this level of overrepresentation at top tiers since burn aggro was everywhere and ironically that deck wouldn't be any good now even if they un-nerfed that 1 mana 3/2.

    All that being said I'm confident we're gonna see some possitive changes like Riot has done in the past, so let's keep the baby rage to a minimal.


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