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Targon's new mechanic Spellshield and Hush seem very problematic

  • minuano28's Avatar 55 13 Posts Joined 09/10/2020
    Posted 6 days, 22 hours ago

    Quote From Author
    So basically, your argument is "Hush is unhealthy because it's an indirect nerf to these archetypes that many people considered unhealthy."

    No my argument is that one cheap card that you can't respond to, should not be able to shut down a deck, and those two were just examples there are other archetypes that Hush can shut down.

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    The decks you mentioned were polarizing, uninteractive, and unfun to play against before Hush came along, so I don't think you'll find much sympathy on that front.

    Polarizing? The same thing could have been said for Midrange Frostbite, Deep Monsters, Shen/Fiora. All top tier deck have their fans and their haters but unhealthy and uninteractive, that just nonsense. There are many decks who could beat them consistently including the one mentioned above.

    Quote From Author
     In fact, Ezreal was on the watchlist for a possible nerf, and Karma was on a previous watchlist. If Hush keeps them in check, they won't have to be nerfed, so maybe you should be grateful Hush exists.

    I should be grateful? Are you serious ? I couldn't care less about Ezreal and Karma getting nerfed. In fact I'd rather have strong cards getting hit with the nerf hammer than having the game introduce a card than can shut down an archetypes will being completely useless against others. 

  • Lionel136's Avatar 10 1 Posts Joined 09/21/2020
    Posted 1 day, 11 hours ago

    Alright, after 3 weeks and 4 days I think it's safe to say Hush is a little too strong and it's why it'll be getting nerfed. So, op was right from the get-go on that and I honestly agree. Tryndameere, among many other champions, such as Darius, Kalista, TF, Lucian, Katarina, Ezreal, and others get hard countered by this cheap overturned card. The problem is that it's a 3 mana that creates a fleeting and on top of that it's a burst. Someone hushes your unit and you may as well just let it die (even champions) rather than wasting a barrier (to have it poked) or a health gain (hush again). The only counter to this card is a recall and even then it's not a real counter considering you lose a body on the board and have to spend the turn resetting, if even possible. It's cheap, allows no counterplay, gives great value against copious amounts of decks, and most Targon decks are running it for this very reason. Don't even think about playing last breath units either. 


    Now, spell shield. Honestly, I think it's ok for the most part. Aurelion Sol having a perma shield is fine by me because he's a 10 mana champ, but a 9 cost elusive celestial dragon that gains stats depending on how many celestial cards you've played with fury and spell shield is literally just a GG at that point because by the time you deal with that another beast will take the board.

    I believe Spellshield as a keyword is NOT op, but its current application to certain units is. Hush, on the other hand, is just straight up op and needs to be addressed.


    If you still think otherwise of these cards, that's fine. I respect opinions and I'm open to reading your (or others) defense.

  • Hellcopter's Avatar 145 253 Posts Joined 02/09/2020
    Posted 1 day, 5 hours ago

    While most of your points are valid, lets not forget Hush only lasts for 1 turn. So that means if a player wish to eliminate the unit that has been silenced, he either has to:
    1- Somehow force a trade using a better unit; 
    2- Cast a second removal spell.

    Case 1: One possible counter play is to chain a fast removal on the target threatening your unit. Another possibility is to answer with another spell yourself like Freeze or buffs, thou sometimes that last approach won't work due multiple Hush casts and that's alright.
    Case 2: Thats a 2-1 trade on top of having a very expensive mana cost. Looks fair to me.

    What trully makes Hush strong is the fact it can be cast multiple times in a single Turn. 
    Riot is currently looking into it, and a possible change is to price a steep cost for for each consecutive cast, which i think it would be a fine solution.

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