MARVEL SNAP Gameplay Walkthrough Featuring Ben Brode

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    Ben Brode gives us a deep dive into MARVEL SNAP, Second Dinner's upcoming card game. What do you think about the gameplay?

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    That was awesome, but he didn't laugh. 1 star!

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    It might be something big. Easy and fun gameplay but with possible depth and strategy.

    I'm not a mobile player at all so I will wait for a desktop release, but I will try it out for sure.

    A big factor for me will be monetization - how easy it is to get all the cards. "Mobile first" is understandable but it smells like "money first", because it's way easier to drain money from mobile users.

    We will see how things go with Marvel Snap.

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    I've played quite a bit of Marvel Snap (in the beta) at this point, and I can say this - it's a VERY good game.

    There are some definite issues with how you progress your collection and acquire cards. And there are still some bugs with matches crashing for no reason and things like that. One hopes all of this will be addressed before launch.

    But regarding the actual game-play, it's a ton of fun. Every game feels unique and fresh. Player decisions matter - the depth of gameplay is impressive. I feel like I've barely scratched the surface of how to play optimally. And there are lots of viable options for making a deck that works well.


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