Is Captain merica better than Wolfbane ?

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    If you play her on a full location, she's a 3/7. Cap will be a 3/3 giving you an extra 4 power. So in theory they're equal, but cap doesn't need anyone around to get his bonus, he gets it no matter what. And if he's played alone, he's bigger than Rahne.


    Though she can do bounce shenennigans. But I think that's the only time she's better?

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    Cap does not give four extra Power when the location is full; you might be including him in your calculation. Comparing the two, this is what they provide:

    1. By themselves: 3/1 Wolfsbane vs 3/3 Cap (Cap is better by 2)
    2. Them and a buddy: 3/3 Wolfsbane vs 3/3 +1 Cap (Cap is better by 1)
    3. Them and two others: 3/5 Wolfsbane vs 3/3 +2 Cap (equal)
    4. Full location: 3/7 Wolfsbane vs 3/3 +3 Cap (Wolf is better by 1)

    So the fuller the location, the more Wolfsbane starts to overtake Captain America. This is ignoring outside factors like Kamar Taj or an Odin reactivating Wolfsbane's On Reveal effect, a situation where she would greatly outshine Cap. Conversely, you could have Onslaught or his Citadel boosting Cap above what Wolfsbane can provide. Snap does a fairly good job of providing each card an opportunity to shine compared to the others; neither is inherently better than the other. It just depends on the situation and your deck.

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