Mythgard - Patch v0.17.5

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    A new patch for Mythgard dropped today. It primarily fixes bugs and implements a Valentine's Day event.

    Quote From Rhino Games

    Patch Notes v0.17.5

    2/13/2020 7:56:51 PM

    Patch 0.17.5 is primarily a bug fix patch, however it does include the Valentine’s Day 2v2 event, which will run until Feb  23. In this special 2v2 mode, players can only create minions and enchantments on their partner’s side (in case it isn’t immediately apparent, we’re trying to replicate the awkward feeling of the staple of county fairs all over the world - the three-legged race). Complete the event mission to earn the Feast of Hearts card trim!

    Features & Bug Fixes

    • Valentine’s Day event

    • Feast of Hearts card trim and board

    • Improved login with Google UI flow

    • Improved challenge UI flow

    • Added “New Deck” tile to Deck manager, merged “edit” and “new” buttons to a single button

    • Deck manager now prompts the user to change selected deck when exiting the interface if the current deck has not been selected

    • Removed “Cannot make” option from deck filters

    • Fixed bug causing some fonts to be blurry depending on OS settings

    • Fixed bug in network reconnect protocol

    • Fixed bug causing multiple mobile notifications for same event

    • Fixed bug with certain cards appearing the wrong size in pack opening

    • Fixed bug with artist names not appearing when using arrow keys to navigate gallery

    • Fixed bug with incorrect mission progress evaluation

    • Fixed bug with card tooltips appearing off the right edge of the screen in the Collection

    • Fixed bug where social notifications could be obscured by other UI elements in certain resolutions

    • Fixed bug where auto unmake button could overlap other UI elements in certain resolutions

    • Fixed bug where switching POV would restart replay from the beginning

    • Fixed various localization related bugs

    • Fixed bug with Freki Sidecar incorrectly giving Rush to minions in certain situations

    • Fixed bug with Incubation Chamber timing with respect to minions created during opponent’s turn

    • Fixed bug with Twin Blanque / Twin Junah not losing overrun when the other twin gets transformed

    • Fixed Divine Compass mana cost in Night Market card text

    Known Issues

    • Guilds are NYI

    • Tournaments are NYI

    • Client hangs on exit if network connection is unavailable


    Dark Passenger

    • Give one of your minions → a friendly minion Deadly and 'Demise: Draw a card'


    • Added Feast of Hearts game board

    • Added additional board-specific VFX

    • Updates to win/lose VFX

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