Leaked expansion cards!

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    So, for some reason, every card game under the sun has decided to release an expansion in April, and Mythgard in no exception (in theory... might be delayed because of that global thingamajig). Now, Rhino hasn't made any announcements apart from their road map a while ago, so everything I'm about to spoil is both unofficial and SUPER early access, some not everything is final (especially the art). In any case, all you have to do to take a peek at the coming stuff is copy the content of the spoiler below and go into the game to Play->Puzzles->Import. You'll see the new card, a new Power and even a new keyword. Enjoy!

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    p1 name: SnarkElemental

    p1 mana: 13

    p1 life: 69

    p1 gems: BBBBYYYG

    p1 burn: true

    p1 power: Protect

    p1 path: turn of seasons

    p1 hand: earth striker;storm seer;corrode equipment;morbid centrifuge;fertile campus;home field advantage;plasma station

    p1 deck: arclighter 

    p1 lane 1:shinobi of chains

    p1 lane 3: vampire historian

    p1 lane 4: westingshire vandals;plasma station

    p1 lane 5: impoverished ogre

    p2 name: RhinosSecrets

    p2 mana: 13

    p2 life: 420

    p2 gems: GOP

    p2 burn: false

    p2 power: Prot

    p2 path: Turn of Seasons

    p2 artifacts: matryoshka

    p2 lane 3: simuzen

    p2 lane 5: simuzen

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