Raising money to research Alzhaimer

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    Hey guys! Just run into it myself and wanted to share it with you. RustyChains is streaming right now on twitch and sharing this link.




    I can´t donate but figured out I could help this way. 


    If this should not be posted here, or maybe it should be posted differently, just let me know and I will edit/delete it. 


    Edit: They Just finished an interview and started playing, so information is not available on the stream but only in the chat. So, the stream became a normal playing stream with a donation link

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    is this really from a year ago? and if so why is it on my homepage?

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    Quote From killanator6000

    is this really from a year ago? and if so why is it on my homepage?

    A bot replied to the thread :/ You can't see it because it's been reported + deleted, but that's why threads have been necro'd.

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