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Roller Coaster Tycoon

  • Demonxz95's Avatar Content Squad Card Designer Enthusiast 775 1114 Posts Joined 03/19/2019
    Posted 5 months ago

    Yesterday, I started RCT for the first time on my new computer.

    Of course, what better place is there to start than Forest Frontiers, the very first scenario in the game, and one of the most iconic.

    This got me thinking, how many people here are huge fans of this game (and the second game)?

  • MenacingBagel's Avatar 345 396 Posts Joined 09/24/2019
    Posted 5 months ago

    Personally not my cup of tea but I've played it a bit. Solid 6/8 for me I could just never figure out how to make money

    Only a fool thinks they know everything. I admit that I know nothing

  • drewsaz's Avatar 30 4 Posts Joined 07/25/2020
    Posted 1 month, 4 weeks ago

    not bad game

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