Linking multi-aspect cards

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    Hi, popping in despite not being a part of the community for years to quickly voice a suggestion which I'm sure has been made many times prior:

    On pages for cards with additional non-visible information (e.g. Hero cards), it would be very desirable to have that additional information on the page. For the example given, a Hero card should show the new hero power alongside it, given that without that context it's impossible to actually 'look at' the card (if that makes sense).

    I want to use Out of Cards as my resource for things like expansion information and reference, but when it's missing this context it's basically impossible to do so and I'm forced to use one of your competitors. In this case, being forced to use hstopdecks despite despising the site, simply because that information is all present.

    I'm sure this would require manual coding rather than the automation which is presumably used to pull card information - but it would be worth it, in my view, to make the expansion guide function as intended.

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    Seconded. There actually is a link to Related Cards if you scroll down a bit, but displaying the image would be way more convenient.

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