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    There is all sorts of "hidden" stuff we implemented along the way to make our life easier, we might as well share it with you to help you format your content better :) (i'll write what i remember, there might still be more)

    Note: You can combine multiple parameters in one bbcode.


    [card]Card Name or ID[/card]

    Example: [card]Mal'ganis[/card] = Mal'Ganis


    • gold: [card gold]Mal'ganis[/card] = Mal'Ganis
    • text="Your Text": [card text="Big Boss"]Mal'ganis[/card] = Big Boss

    [cardimg]Card Name or ID[/cardimg]

    Example: [cardimg]Mal'ganis[/cardimg] =
    Mal'Ganis Card Image


    • gold: [cardimg gold]Mal'ganis[/card] =
    • size="Width": [cardimg size="100"]Mal'ganis[/cardimg] =
      Mal'Ganis Card Image

    [hsdeckcollection]Deck ID(s)[/hsdeckcollection]

    Example: [hsdeckcollection]8764[/hsdeckcollection] =

    0 10360 10360 177 0


    Hearthstone Battlegrounds

    [card bg]CardID or Name[/card]

    Example: [card bg]Mal'ganis[/card] = Mal'Ganis


    • text="Your Text": [card bg text="Big Boss"]Mal'ganis[/card] = Big Boss
    • gold / triple: [card bg gold]Mal'ganis[/card] or [card bg triple]Mal'ganis[/card] = Mal'Ganis

    [cardimg bg]CardID or Name[/cardimg]

    Example: [cardimg bg]Mal'ganis[/cardimg] =
    Mal'Ganis Card Image


    • size="Width": [cardimg bg size="100"]Mal'ganis[/cardimg] =
      Mal'Ganis Card Image
    • gold / triple: [cardimg bg gold]Mal'ganis[/cardimg] nebo [cardimg bg triple]Mal'ganis[/cardimg] =
      Mal'Ganis Card Image

    Legends of Runeterra

    [runecard]CardID or Name[/runecard]

    Example: [runecard]Katarina[/runecard] = Katarina


    • text="Your Text": [runecard text="bae"]Katarina[/runecard] = bae
    • token: [runecard token]Katarina[/runecard] = Katarina

    [runecardimg]CardID or Name[/runecardimg]

    Example: [runecardimg]Katarina[/runecardimg] =
    Katarina Card Image


    • size="Width": [runecardimg size="100"]Katarina[/runecardimg] =
      Katarina Card Image
    • token: [runecardimg token]Katarina[/runecardimg] =
      Katarina Card Image

    [runedeck]Deck ID[/runedeck]

    Example: [runedeck]7[/runedeck] =


    [quote]Quoted Text[/quote]

    When you use the Quote button to reply to someone, Quote generates automatically.

    You can, however, create a custom block quote with someone else's name, if that would serve your purpose.

    Example: [quote from="Sinti"]I'm the best and you know it![/quote] =

    Quote From Sinti
    I'm the best and you know it!


    How To Make a Spoiler Inside a Spoiler: 101
    [spoiler]Just[spoiler]Like[spoiler]This[/spoiler][/spoiler][/spoiler] =

    Show Spoiler
    Show Spoiler
    Show Spoiler


    • text="Your Text": [spoiler text="bla bla"]1+1=11[/spoiler] =
      bla bla

    Source Code Magic

    This isnt bbcode, but we have one thing implemented, that Custom Card Creators might want to make use of, so here it goes.


    We have a special headings with graphics for each class. But to make it work, you have to edit your post in Source Code via the "<>" button in the Text Editor:

    1. Create your post and a header for the class;
      • for example, format your "Druid" header with Heading 3, which will then in source code look like <h3>Druid</h3>.
    2. Click on the "<>" icon (source code) in the Text Editor.
    3. Search for (ctrl+f) "h3" and find the heading you're looking for.
    4. Replace line <h3>Druid</h3> with <h3 class="hsclass-header hsclass-druid">Druid</h3>;
      • for hunter it would be <h3 class="hsclass-header hsclass-hunter">Hunter</h3> and so on.
    5. Confirm with "OK".
    6. Save your post.
    7. Done.

    Now you get the pretty headings with graphics instead of regular ones :)

    If you dont want to do it manually, or cant figure it out, feel free to copy them from this list (you can just copy the yellow class name, it will transfer the code with it):

      • <h3 class="hsclass-header hsclass-demon-hunter">Demon Hunter</h3> (coming soonTM)

        Demon Hunter

      • <h3 class="hsclass-header hsclass-druid">Druid</h3>


      • <h3 class="hsclass-header hsclass-hunter">Hunter</h3>


      • <h3 class="hsclass-header hsclass-mage">Mage</h3>


      • <h3 class="hsclass-header hsclass-paladin">Paladin</h3>


      • <h3 class="hsclass-header hsclass-priest">Priest</h3>


      • <h3 class="hsclass-header hsclass-rogue">Rogue</h3>


      • <h3 class="hsclass-header hsclass-shaman">Shaman</h3>


      • <h3 class="hsclass-header hsclass-warlock">Warlock</h3>


      • <h3 class="hsclass-header hsclass-warrior">Warrior</h3>


      • <h3 class="hsclass-header hsclass-neutral">Neutral</h3>


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    Do any of the shortcodes have any optional arguments?

    by frenzy 3 weeks, 2 days ago
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    Quote From frenzy

    Do any of the shortcodes have any optional arguments?

    What do you mean by shortcodes? Everything under "parameters" is optional argument for listed BBCodes.

    If you mean hsdeckcollection then no, there is only one argument - to manually separate two rows of decks.

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