Deckbuilder says 30 cards is too many

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    Posted 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    Unexpected behaviour

    Hello, I was building a deck earlier today and when I went to save the deck I had this message :

    Quote From Deckbuilder

    You have too many cards in your deck.

    Please remove cards to save your deck.

    The deck actually had 30 cards and the selected Game Mode was Standard (not Duels where the limit is 15).

    Possible cause

    It turns out that I had played around with the Game Mode selection and at some point selected Duels, which sets the card limit to 15. After reverting to Standard, the deckbuilder seems to keep the 15 cards limit in memory. I tried switching Game Mode to Duels then back to Standard but the problem persisted. I could save my deck after reloading the page.

    When I first experienced the bug, the card count at the top showed 30/15. However, when I tried to reproduce the problem, it showed 30/30 (but I was still unable to save the deck because of the same message). Then I tried to reproduce the bug again... and couldn't. So I'm not sure what actually caused it.

    Steps to reproduce (not guaranteed)

    • Change the Game Mode several time during deck building
    • Add and remove cards from the deck
    • At some point, have too many cards in the deck
    • Click on the Duels specific sections (Heroes, Treasures) -> note that those stayed there even when I had switched back to Standard Game Mode.

    Those are things I did during my deck building.


    Probably low. It could be frustrating for people trying the deckbuilder, playing around and not noticing the card list is in the address bar.

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    It sounds like this might be a client performance thing. If you clicked on something while something else was executing to change the mode, a fragment of the other mode may have been interrupted and left in place (in this case duels stuff). Rare to happen, but definitely an issue that will need to be solved. Thanks for the report.

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    Posted 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    Yes indeed. Changing the Game Mode really fast seems to do the trick. 

    I could reproduce it again with the following steps:

    1. Warm up your clickin' finger (optional if you are already a master of the click)
    2. Create a new deck in deckbuilder
    3. Select Game Mode "Duels" then immediately select another mode

    After those steps, the limit stays on 15 even though the mode is not Duels.

    If you add exactly 15 cards, the save deck form appears (I haven't tried actually saving the deck).

    Adding more cards displays the "too many cards" error.

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