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HearthStation Changelog - 2019-03-28

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    Posted 1 year, 3 months ago

    Been a bit of an update hiatus thanks to the fun surrounding the Hearthstone reveal season and some other background stuff. Here's the platform updates for today.

    Bugs Fixed

    • Fixed an issue where mobile users could not access sub navigation.
    • Deckstrings from Hearthstone can now be correctly imported due to updated parsing.
    • Fixed issue with voting logic causing incorrect cached calculations of vote scores.
    • Fixed issue with deckbuilder not properly allowing you to remove cards from your deck.


    • Navigation now sticks to the top on mobile devices for easy access.
    • Icon added for Rise of Shadows.
    • Expansion Pages
      • Cards sort by Legendary -> Common.
      • Cards now have discussion links below the images.
    • Cardimg BBCode
      • Now supports size attribute. Maxes at 400px. (cardimg size=300)
      • Now supports discuss attribute. Renders a discussion link under the card image.
    • Deckbuilder
      • Cards now sort by cost and alphabetically in both builder and deck list.
      • Cards in the list now display cost and rarity color.
      • Archetypes now list alphabetically for easier finding in the save form.

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