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Out of Cards Changelog - 2020-01-08

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    Posted 6 months ago

    Happy New Year! Some items in this changelog have been previously deployed and were added just to keep you in the loop.

    New Features

    • Added Discord integration
      • You can connect a Discord account to your Out of Cards account.
      • Currently, this is only used for giving our Premium members a special role on Discord.
      • We run checks every 10 minutes, so it may take a little bit of time before new premium members get their role.
    • New Ad Provider
      • We've changed ad providers, to NitroPay!
      • If you are in certain regions and are a non-premium user, you'll have some options.
        • European members will receive a GDPR prompt their first time visiting the site and any time they don't have the proper GDPR cookie set.
        • California members can click on a "Do Not Sell My Personal Information" link in the footer and on our privacy policy.
    • Game Portals!
      • These are customizable homepages for an individual game. If you don't want to see anything from a particular game, you can visit them and bookmark them instead.
      • There is a known issue with forum threads showing up from all forums. We're not quite ready with that part yet ;)
      • A game portal is now live for Hearthstone.
      • A game portal is now live for Legends of Runeterra.


    • The premium offerings for 6-month, 12-month, and a temporarily available lifetime subscription have been added to account management.
      • You can pay for a longer-subscription at a discount to support the site.
      • These are only offered through PayPal, so if you'd like to support the site that way, it is now available.
      • None of these subscriptions are recurring. It is a one-time payment.
      • Due to the manual process involved here, please give us up to 12 hours to get your account hooked up with premium access <3
    • Ad placements are now manually defined, removing any chance of ads showing up in places we don't want them (comments I'm looking at you)
    • Improved performance of the Hearthstone card database.
    • Improved performance of comments.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue that was preventing Patreon premium users from properly being flagged as such.
    • Fixed the third Hearthstone deck widget shown on the homepage
    • Fixed TinyMCE errors when some plugins were unable to be loaded.

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