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Out of Cards Changelog - 2020-01-23

  • Fluxflashor's Avatar Administrator 870 1272 Posts Joined 10/19/2018
    Posted 5 months, 2 weeks ago

    A small update today pushing out improvements for Runeterra support and the final prep for Hearthstone Adventures (pages coming when we get a chance to write them).

    New Features

    • Runeterra card pages now display top decks.
    • Runeterra deck embeds now have voting options.
    • Member profiles now display Runeterra decks.
    • Added backend support for Runeterra achievements.
      • We're going to get these achievements out as soon as possible.
    • Hearthstone Adventure support
      • Dedicated pages for adventures! Each chapter and boss from an adventure can have a page.
      • Decks can be flagged as Adventure -> Boss Name
      • This is not all setup right now as we've been busy with Runeterra. Expect it real soon.

    Bug Fixes

    • Removed second advertisement on the homepage sidebar.

    Still aiming to get a couple of big features out before the month is over, though it may be first week of February instead - this has been a busy two weeks with every game we're covering dropping content.

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  • frenzy's Avatar Chocolate Cake 305 222 Posts Joined 05/30/2019
    Posted 5 months, 2 weeks ago

    Nice. Impressive that you're keeping up the momentum with all that new content landing.

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    by frenzy 3 months, 3 weeks ago
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