Out of Cards Changelog - 2020-01-30

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    This is likely the last deploy of January 2020! I've split up our larger end-of-January site update into today's update and one that will arrive on Monday, February 3 (need Friday and the weekend to go over more major systems).

    New Features


    The great forum overhaul of 2020 has arrived.

    • Forum listing is no longer super simple, using a more table-like format.
      • You now see recent threads for each forum section.
      • Total replies and thread counts are also available. (Mobile these are hidden)
      • We'll bring back the "backgrounds" to make each forum look a little prettier in the future.
      • Dev Note: Originally, the goal was to keep the forum homepage very simple. This was ultimately a failure because it is more difficult to see how active each of the forums are. Attempts were made early on to display more information in the old format, but it was really ugly.
    • Sticky threads now appear more like normal threads
      • Dev Note: The original goal with stickies was to make them look different and more simple so that they didn't take away from the conversations below. This sort of worked but only in theory. In practice, our stickies are places where discussion is actively happening and this may have hurt it. To compensate a bit, padding has been reduced on stickies so they take up less vertical space on the view.
    • The latest comments areas now display avatars.
      • Dev Note: Sorry, this should have happened much sooner <3
    • Threads with more than 1 page now display pagination!
      • You'll see a maximum of 6 pages for each thread. The first 5 and then the last one.


    • Member profile pages now display articles.
      • You'll see this page on any community member that has written front-page articles.

    Legends of Runeterra

    • Decks now have archetypes!
      • You can search for decks based on their archetype.
      • Archetypes can be assigned on deck creation or editing. They are not currently mandatory though we highly recommend using them.


    • Added database pages for keywords/mechanics.
      • We still have to write the content for them, so don't expect much!
      • These also now display on card pages when a card is flagged with that keyword.


    Legends of Runeterra

    • Region filter on deck listing now does an AND search instead of OR.
      • It is now infinitely easier to find decks from a combination of regions.

    Bug Fixes

    Legends of Runeterra

    • Fixed an issue where decks were sorting by the worst ones first (Runeterra Portal and deck listing)
    • Fixed an issue where the Runeterra card page displayed keywords that it shouldn't have.


    • Fixed an issue where post counts were wrongly calculated on the site.

    Known Issues

    • There is a caching problem for forums with subforums. At times the forum listing will display a blank spot where "latest post" is. This will be corrected in a future deploy. This has been resolved.

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    Nice job on the updates, Flux!

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    Good update!

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    I will also jump on this "good update" train.

    No, that's wrong!

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    “One day, you will be old enough to start reading fairytales again.”

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    I like the profile update. If anyone's looking for targus's standard meta reports, they are right here: https://outof.cards/members/targus/articles



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