Out of Cards Changelog - 2020-03-01

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    • Improved page titles in several places on the site to better indicate what type of content is on the page ("Deck Name - Hearthstone Decks")
    • Removed the January-only premium package from the site. This should have been gone on February 1. Cool.
    • The Premium page has been updated to be more friendly and better convey the different options available to support the site (Patreon, Twitch, PayPal).
    • Premium page will now display your Premium transactions. This is a mirror of the table available in Account Management.


    • Expansion BBCode to link to expansion pages now accepts "icon"  to display an icon and "onlyicon" to display the set icon with no text.

    Bug Fixes


    • Fixed an issue where votes in card design competitions were closing before voting phase ended.
    • The Galakrond's Awakening set icon now correctly renders on the site.


    • Fixed an issue with forum pagination shortcuts not rendering correctly.
    • Guides now correctly have their header images set.
    • Guides now correctly have page views increase.
    • Fixed portals displaying deleted threads.
    • Fixed members being able to see deleted threads.

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    Great work, thank you!

    Is there a way to instantly show changed votes to worse? If I change a vote of mine to the better, the stars are displayed correctly. Whenever I correct a vote downwards though, the stars stay in position. I get a notification and the vote will show the new result if I refresh the page but it doesn't do so instantaneous like when I correct upwards. Happens on mobile and desktop.

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