Out of Cards Changelog - 2020-03-16

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    Hey all. Somewhat large site update went out today.

    Guides are referenced below but aren't fully available quite yet - we've got a lot of work ahead of us!

    New Features


    • You can now quickly send a direct message to another member via their site profile page or on any of their comments / forum posts - Look for the envelope/message icon!


    • Class Portals!
      • We now have dedicated pages for all classes.
      • You can find the latest decks, news, forum threads, guides, and more for each individual class. Here's the Demon Hunter Portal.
      • These are linked under the Guides section of the navigation. This will go live on Tuesday later in the day.
    • Demon Hunters
    • Ashes of Outland
      • Pushed out some early assets for the expansion. Waiting on Blizzard to reveal official art.



    • Added the profile header rewards that were missing from Pi Day 2020.


    • Patch pages will now display collectible cards added in each patch alongside their flavor text. Do note that many of our patches don't have the cards correctly associated with them, so these may not be immediately available. Thanks!


    • Card lists on deck pages now showcase the region each card belongs to, like the deckbuilder.
    • [145] Deckbuilder now displays a breakdown of the card counts for Champions, Units, and Spells.

    Bug Fixes


    • Fixed the search page search type filter from having the wrong type selected when using the search box in the header.
    • [12] Changed "Active Threads" to "Recent Threads" on the forum main page to be more consistent.
    • [115] Clicking on a link that "jumps" you to content on the same page no longer covers the heading name or element with the navigation on mobile.
    • Navigation animations no longer take so long to complete. Sort of a change and not a bug fix, but the nav has been frustrating for some of us and you so we'll call it a bug =)
    • [105] Fixed an issue where you were unable to vote on an object after a comment was posted.


    • Fixed an issue where you could not filter by multiple expansions on the card listing when a single class was selected.
    • [67] Database pages with pagination (cards, decks, etc) now have top and bottom pagination. Previously was bottom only.
    • Fixed an issue with competitions sorting incorrectly on the competition list.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented Demon Hunter decks from saving correctly.
    • Fixed multiple issues that could cause the deckbuilder to fail to load cards due to "bad" data being input.


    • [67] Database pages with pagination (cards, decks, etc) now have top and bottom pagination. Previously was bottom only.
    • [146] Fixed an issue where the deckbuilder was not saving the archetype field to the deck.

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