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Out of Cards Changelog - 2020-10-13

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    Posted 1 week, 1 day ago

    It still blows my mind how we can go over a week without deploying the site yet it always feels like we just deployed yesterday. Anyway, here's today's changelog.



    • Added card subsets.
      • We now flag cards based on two sets. Their primary set (Such as Call of the Mountain) and their expansion (Such as Monuments of Power)
      • If you search for Monuments of Power cards on the database, you'll only see those cards.
      • If you search for Call of the Mountain cards, you'll get COTM and MOP cards combined because they are from the same overall set.
      • We're also including MOP cards within the main COTM set guide.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed the "Has Guide" filter on decks for Runeterra and Hearthstone.
      • Previously, if this was unchecked and you used any other filters on the page, it would not include decks that had a guide, only showing guide=none decks.
      • The functionality is now the indeed of:
        • Has Guide Checked = Only shows decks with written guides.
        • Has Guide Unchecked = Shows decks with and without guides.

    The Riot API

    We have starter access to Riot's Match API. We've begun collecting some data as a test and are working on formatting it. Here's the phase 1 plan.

    • We'll let you tell us what your Riot account name is (Such as Fluxflashor#NA1)
    • We'll sync your matches and match data from Riot's API.
    • We'll display your matches and give you some basic, personalized stats on a dedicated page.
    • We'll give you the option to make your match stats page public. Private is the default.
    • All data we will display on the site will be anonymous unless you opt-in to showcase your matches on your public profile.

    Phase 2 is more stat details.

    • On deck guides, we'll tell you what the winrate of a deck is using data we've compiled.
    • We'll let a deck author decide if they want us to publish their personal stats on a specific deck they submit to the site. This would appear above the guide that they may or may not write.

    I don't have an ETA on it all. We need to get further approval from Riot to increase our API limits. As of now, we can only collect data for 100 matches every hour, which is the match history for 5 different accounts. It isn't great, but we understand they need to do this.

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