We're running a couple of giveaways for Ashes of Outland courtesy of ... us! We're going to be giving out a round of card packs and some site cosmetics just like from our Descent of Dragons giveaway last year.

Twitter Giveaway - 55 Ashes of Outland Packs

We're looking to grow our Twitter account more so we're giving away a 55 pack pre-order to one lucky person! If you're interested, here's what you need to do.

We'll randomly choose one person that retweets the giveaway and is following our Twitter account to win the 55 pack pre-order.

  • This giveaway ends on April 2 and 11:59 PM Eastern.
  • Winners will be announced in a post on Out of Cards.
  • We will send you a direct message on Twitter to let you know you have won.
  • You will provide us with your Battle.net Battletag within 24 hours of us contacting you otherwise you forfeit the prize.
  • We will send you a Battle.net gift with your card packs 48 - 72 hours after you add us due to gifting restrictions.

We're not using Gleam this time around because our subscription ran out - we don't use it enough to justify the cost.

Out of Cards Site Giveaway - 55 Ashes of Outland Packs & More

Tell us how you feel about the cards in Ashes of Outland and you'll not only have a chance to win some card packs but you'll also get some site cosmetics!

  • Grand Prize: 1x Ashes of Outland 55 card pack bundle. (Provided by Out of Cards)
  • Runner-up Prizes: 100x "Servant of Illidan" forum title and profile theme. (Never available again)

Note that the Grand Prize winner will also receive the "Servant of Illidan" cosmetic package.

Additionally, we're doing rewards for participation! These are also limited-time rewards and will all be handed out after the giveaway ends.

  • Everyone who votes on any card will receive the "Explorer of Outland" forum title.
  • Everyone who discusses any card will receive the "Outland Scholar" forum title.
  • If you comment on and vote on every single Ashes of Outland card, you'll receive the title "Devoted Outlander".

Note that discussion means replying to the forum post for a revealed card, not talking about it on the card page - though that's a nice place to leave comments too.

Entering the Out of Cards Site Giveaway

Are you interested?

  • The giveaway end date is April 2 at 11:59 PM Eastern.
  • You must have an Out of Cards account in good standing. If you're banned or get banned, you're disqualified.
  • Earn one entry for each card you vote on before the giveaway end date.
    • You can vote on cards within news posts, their card reveal discussion threads, or on card pages.
    • The "Overall" vote on card pages is what gives you credit - the other ratings do not give additional entries.
  • Earn one entry for each card you discuss in our dedicated card discussion threads before the giveaway end date.
    • You can earn a maximum of one entry per card you discuss, even if you write multiple posts for that card.
    • Your posts must be quality. The goal here is to interact with the community.
      • If you write a single word or two, it isn't going to count.
      • If you write the same response to all the cards, you're spamming and it won't count.
    • You can find our official card reveal discussion threads within news posts for each reveal or from our expansion guide.

About Winning the Out of Cards Site Giveaway

  • Winners will be chosen randomly out of all valid entries.
  • You can only win one of the main prize bundles ("grand prizes" or "runner-up prizes").
  • If you win a Grand Prize, you will be contacted via Private Message on the Out of Cards website.
  • Grand Prize winners will have 24 hours to respond to our message before they get re-picked.
  • All other winners, prizes will be automatically distributed to your accounts with no private message sent.
  • An announcement will go up when we have messaged the Grand Prize winners.