Dalaran Heist is a solo adventure from Rise of Shadows based on Dungeon Run with tons of new customization options.

It's initial release was May 16th 2019 and the final wing opened June 6th 2019. - Patch Notes

Table of Contents

  1. Content Overview
  2. Adventure Pricing
  3. Run Progression
  4. Chapters & Twists
  5. Additional Modes
  6. Card Pools
  7. 'Bosses' of Dalaran
  8. 'Heroes' of Dalaran
  9. Tavern Encounters
  10. Single-Use Treasures
  11. Passive Treasures
  12. Balance Changes
  13. Cinematic Trailer


Content Overview

  • Nine new playable heroes.
  • Each has three Hero Powers and Decks to be unlocked. You can find them all listed below!
  • Five different chapters, each with unique challenges and encounters.
  • Tavern Encounters allow you to modify your deck even further throughout your runs.
  • Anomaly Mode allows you to play with randomized special rules.
  • Heroic Mode presents you with the ultimate difficulty for each encounter.
  • Earn the Prize of Shadows card back and golden Classic pack for completing all 5 chapters.
  • Another card back, Got Away With It!, is available for completing all chapters in Heroic Mode as well.
  • To check out these and all other card backs please visit our gallery!

Adventure Pricing

  • The first chapter, Dalaran Bank, is available for free! You begin with the mage hero Rakanishu on a mission to loot the bank's most precious artifacts.
  • You can unlock the remaining four wings all at once for $19.99 USD or individually for $6.99 USD or 700 gold each.
  • Each additional chapter also unlocks two corresponding heroes!
  • Each Chapter will reward you with three Rise of Shadows packs after defeating the first 5 bosses!
  • Receive a golden copy of Zayle, Shadow Cloak when you own all five chapters!

Run Progression

Each run follows a consistent pattern in terms of when you get to choose a treasure, visit the tavern, and choose new cards. Here's how it goes:

  • Win 1: Choose 3 cards and 1 Passive Treasure.
  • Win 2: Choose 3 cards.
  • Win 3: Choose 3 cards, a Treasure, and visit the Tavern.
  • Win 4: Choose 3 cards.
  • Win 5: Choose 3 cards, a Passive Treasure, and visit the Tavern.
  • Win 6: Choose 3 cards.
  • Win 7: Choose 3 cards and a final Treasure.

The exception to this being the final chapter in which there are 12 bosses. In this chapter, you get more to choose from.

Chapters & Twists

Each chapter of the adventure presents a unique twist that will challenge you throughout all encounters. This will be consistent each time it is played.

  • Dalaran Bank
    • Coin-Filled Coffers: A Cache of Cash will start on each boss's board.
  • The Violet Hold
    • Imprisoned Minions: A minion will start dormant on each side of the field.
    • It will be freed when an amount of turns equal to it's cost have passed.
  • Streets of Dalaran
    • Crowded Streets: Three untargetable carts will spawn on each side of the board.
    • This limits the number of minions that can be played Theyto 4.
    • Can be any combination of Dessert Cart, Fish Cart, Fruit Cart, and Meat Cart. They behave the same.
  • The Underbelly
    • Swapped Attack & HealthA simple twist that swaps all attack and health values for all minions.

Additional Modes


Boss encounters weren't challenging enough for you? Take them on again with the difficulty turned up to the max. Each boss has greatly improved capabilities to offer a SUPREME challenge, and completing all chapters in this mode will reward you with an exclusive card back.


This is an optional level of chaos you can enable at any time before you begin a run. This will add a random set of special rules that are guaranteed to make for a crazier experience. It won't necessarily be harder, but it will play very differently.

Below is a list of known rule-sets for this mode, but there's definitely more out there. If you have played one that isn't on this list, let us know!

  • Arcane - All spells cost 2 less.
  • Crying - All Battlecries trigger twice.
  • Dragon Soul - After a player casts 3 spells in a turn, that player summons a 5/5 dragon.
  • Fishy - Murlocs occasionally join the battle.
  • Glittering - After a card is played that costs 8 or more, gain a Treasure.
  • Growing - Minions gain +1/+1 at the end of their owner's turn.
  • Gorged - Both players start with two extra cards and Mana crystals.
  • Hallucinating - Both players start with 10 Hallucinations in their deck.
  • Infused - Summoning minions will give them Taunt, Divine Shield, Rush, or Windfury at random.
  • Nesting - After a minion is played, it gains "Deathrattle: Summon a 1/1 copy of this minion."
  • Ogreish - All minions have a 50% chance to attack the wrong enemy.
  • Reductive - At the end of each player's turn, reduce the cost of cards in their hand by 1.
  • Wild Magic - All spells cast an additional time (Targets chosen randomly).

Card Pools

We've put together an exhaustive list of all possible cards in the pools from which the three-card bundles are generated! Follow this link to check it out!

'Bosses' of Dalaran

Want to check out all of the many the bosses you can encounter playing Dalaran Heist? Head on over to our 'Bosses' of Dalaran guide!

'Heroes' of Dalaran

Each playable Hero has three Hero Powers and starting decks to choose from, however you only start with the first of each unlocked. Acquire the rest by fulfilling each particular requirement! The first hero comes with the free chapter, however to unlock additional heroes you must purchase the corresponding chapters with money or gold.


Rakanishu Card Image

Fireblast Card ImageBurning Wit Card ImageFrostburn Card Image

Deck Premades





Chapter Unlocked: 2

Vessina Card Image

Totemic Call Card ImageEvolution Card ImageRefresh Card Image

Deck Premades




Chapter Unlocked: 2

Ol' Barkeye Card Image

Steady Shot Card ImageOpportunist Card ImagePet Training Card Image

Deck Premades




Chapter Unlocked: 3

Kriziki Card Image

Lesser Heal Card ImageDistort Card ImageSoothe Card Image

Deck Premades




Captain Eudora
Chapter Unlocked: 3

Captain Eudora Card Image

Dagger Mastery Card ImageYoink! Card ImageCut-less Card Image

Deck Premades




Mr. Chu
Chapter Unlocked: 4

Mr. Chu Card Image

Armor Up! Card ImageInvigorating Brew Card ImageUndermine Card Image

Deck Premades




Chapter Unlocked: 4

Squeamlish Card Image

Shapeshift Card ImageLifebloom Card ImageTouch of Bark Card Image

Deck Premades




Chapter Unlocked: 5

Tekahn Card Image

Life Tap Card ImagePain Split Card ImageThe Pact Card Image

Deck Premades




George the Fallen
Chapter Unlocked: 5

George the Fallen Card Image

Reinforce Card ImageBackup Card ImageBoon of Light Card Image

Deck Premades




Tavern Encounters

Twice within a run you will visit the tavern where a friendly bartender will await you. You'll have some options at your disposal which will modify your deck and the minions available.

Bartender Bob Card Image Bartendotron Card Image

Take this opportunity to remove some cards, add others, manipulate stats and more! Here are all of the options:

Brood Card ImageDismiss Card ImageGood Food Card ImageKindle Card ImageRecruit Card Image

Recruit a Veteran Card ImageRight Hand Man Card ImageRound of Drinks Card ImageTake a Chance Card ImageTell a Story Card Image

Tall Tales Card ImageThe Gang's All Here! Card ImageThe Upper Hand Card ImageYou're All Fired! Card Image

Single-Use Treasures

During each run you will have to choose between three Single-Use Treasures after your third and seventh wins. Choose whichever is most valuable, and build your deck around them!

Annoy-o Horn Card ImageBanana Split Card ImageBig Boomba Card ImageCase Study Card ImageContinuum Collider Card Image

Dagwik Stickytoe Card ImageDreamgrove Ring Card ImageDuplatransmogrifier Card ImageElder Taggawag Card ImageElistra the Immortal Card Image

EVIL Propaganda Card ImageFly-By Card ImageGnomish Army Knife Card ImageGolden Candle Card ImageHyperblaster Card Image

Loyal Henchman Card ImageMaster Scheme Card ImageMurgatha Card ImageOrb of the Untold Card ImageOverpowered Card Image

Soulreaper's Scythe Card ImageSow the Seeds Card ImageSuper Simian Sphere Card ImageSwampqueen's Call Card Image

The Box Card ImageTHE... Candles? Card ImageThe Muscle Card ImageUntold Splendor Card Image

Passive Treasures

During each run you will have to choose between three Passive Treasures after your first and fifth wins. Choose whichever is most valuable, and build your deck around them!

A Prince's Ring Card ImageBattle Totem Card ImageBook of Wonders Card ImageCaptured Flag Card ImageCloak of Invisibility Card Image

Crystal Gem Card ImageDr. Boom's Remote Card ImageElixir of Vigor Card ImageElixir of Vile Card ImageElixir of Vim Card Image

Emerald Goggles Card ImageExpedite Card ImageFirst Aid Kit Card ImageGlyph of Warding Card ImageHagatha's Embrace Card Image

Mysterious Tome Card ImagePotion of Vitality Card ImageRecycling Card ImageResourcefulness Card ImageRobes of Gaudiness Card Image

Robe of the Magi Card ImageRocket Backpacks Card ImageScepter of Summoning Card ImageSmall Backpacks Card ImageStargazing Card Image

The Hand of Rafaam Card ImageTogwaggle's Dice Card ImageTotem of the Dead Card ImageWondrous Wisdomball Card Image

Balance Changes

Blizzard has kept an eye on the difficulty of Dalaran Heist since it's launch and have since made a couple batches of modifications including both buffs and nerfs. Let us know how you feel about these changes in the comments!


Quote From Blizzard


May 24 Update:

We’ve just applied the following adjustments to the The Dalaran Heist solo adventure. You will not need to patch your game client in order to receive these updates.


  • Adjusted the rarity of some passive Treasures.
  • Slightly increased the power of the “Togwaggle's Dice” Treasure.
    • Note: Togwaggle’s Dice does not randomize between 0 and 10, it increases or decreases the cost of cards at random.
  • Normal Encounter Adjustments:
    • Decreased the power of Vas'No’s deck.
  • Heroic Encounter Adjustments:
    • Changed the theme and playstyle of Sky Captain Smiggs’ deck to be more aggressive.
    • Increased the cost of Anarii Duskgrove’s “Summon Protectors” to (3).
    • Increased the power of the following Heroic encounter decks:
      • The Amazing "Bonepaw"
      • Dagg Cruelmight
      • Dalaran Fountain Golem
      • Draemus
      • Kazamon Steelskin
      • Valdera Highborne
      • Ol' Toomba
      • Ichoron
      • Millificent Manastorm
    • Decreased the power of the following Heroic encounter decks:
      • Linzi Redgrin
      • Aki the Brilliant
      • Vas'No
      • Haro Setting-Sun
      • Anarii Duskgrove
      • Tala Stonerage
      • Disidra Stormglory
      • Ranger Ar'ha
      • Ungan Oddkind
      • Bookmaster Bae Chao


  • Fixed a bug that caused Queen Wagtoggle’s Hero Power to summon low-cost minions too frequently.
  • Fixed a bug where Xur'ios would use his Normal deck in Heroic mode.




Quote From Blizzard


The Dalaran Heist Balance Changes – July 1, 2019

Today we will be applying the following adjustments to the The Dalaran Heist solo adventure:

Moved some Normal and Heroic bosses to different difficulty tiers.
Adjusted the contents of the following starting decks:


  • Decreased the cost of Whirt the All-Knowing’s Prediction Hero Power to (1)
  • Decreased the power of Archmage Vargoth’s deck.


  • Decreased the appearance rate of Haro Setting-Sun.
  • Decreased the power of the following bosses’ decks: Carousel Gryphon, Applebough, Linzi Redgrin, Captain Hannigan, Xur'ios, Disidra Stormglory, Chomper, Anarii Duskgrove, Zuramat the Obliterator, Jepetto Joybuzz, Vas'No, Ranger Ar'ha, Tala Stonerage, and Kara Stamper.
  • Increased the power of the following bosses’ decks: Dalaran Fountain Golem, Lieutenant Sinclari, Flight master Belnaara, Nozari, Dagg Cruelmight, Sharky McFin, Queen Wagtoggle, Dazzik "Hellscream", Draemus, and Madam Goya.
  • Increased the cost of Applebough's Apple Toss Hero Power to (3)
  • Increased the cost of Captain Hannigan’s Raise the Alarm Hero Power to (1)
  • Increased the cost of Chomper’s Chomp Hero Power to (3)
  • Decreased the Attack reduction on Haro Setting-Sun’s Darken Hero Power from -2 to -1
  • Decreased the cost of Whirt the All-Knowing’s Prediction Hero Power to (1).
  • Decreased the cost of Ol' Toomba’s Tales of  Fortune Hero Power to (1).



Cinematic Trailer