'Bosses' of Dalaran

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Below you will find every boss in the Dalaran Heist with their hero powers and known instances when you may encounter them. Many bosses have the same hero power for both normal and heroic difficulty.

For the rest of the info about Dalaran Heist, check out our visual guide!

Some of this data may be incomplete, but does accurately summarize what is known thus far. If you know of something that is not reflected here, please let us know! This is a lot of information to manage!

Alphabetical Shorcuts


Aki the Brilliant
Aki the Brilliant Card ImageFor The Light! Card Image
Handbuffing isn't particularly brilliant but the name stuck.

| Chapters: All | Levels: 6-7 | Class: Paladin |

Albin Eastoft
Albin Eastoft Card ImageSlice and Dice Card Image
Friend? Foe? He's on a bestial rampage, he's not particular.

| Chapters: Streets, Underbelly, Citadel | Levels: 5 | Class: Rogue |

Alchemist Wendy
Alchemist Wendy Card ImageEquivalent Exchange Card ImageEquivalent Exchange Card Image
This alchemist mixes up decks, attempting to create golden cards.

| Chapters: Bank, Violet Hold, Streets, Underbelly | Levels: 1-2 | Class: Mage |

Anarii Duskgrove
Anarii Duskgrove Card ImageSummon Protectors Card ImageSummon Protectors Card Image
This druid speaks for the trees, and they have nothing nice to say.

| Chapters: Bank, Violet Hold, Underbelly | Levels: 6-7 | Class: Druid |

Applebough Card ImageApple Toss Card ImageApple Toss Card Image
This old tree is full of knowledge to drop.

| Chapters: Streets | Levels: 2 | Class: Druid |

Archivist Oshi
Archivist Oshi Card ImageRepeat History Card Image
Those who forget history are doomed to resummon it.

| Chapters: Citadel | Levels: 4-6 | Class: Priest |

Archmage Kalec
Archmage Kalec Card ImageDragonwrath Card ImageDragonwrath Card Image
It's just a matter of time before he's the next Malygos.

| Chapters: Citadel | Levels: 11 | Class: Mage |

Archmage Khadgar
Archmage Khadgar Card ImageSummon Elemental Card ImageSummon Elemental Card Image
Ingenuous. Inscrutable. Infatigable. In... your... way.

| Chapters: Citadel | Levels: 12 | Class: Mage |

Archmage Vargoth
Archmage Vargoth Card ImageArcane Runes Card Image
Trapped for years in Outland, Vargoth found new sources of magic.

| Chapters: Citadel | Levels: 10 | Class: Mage |

Awilo, Cooking Trainer
Awilo, Cooking Trainer Card ImageThe Feast Card Image
This chef is cooking up some REALLY healthy food.

| Chapters: All | Levels: 2-4 | Class: Warrior |

Banker Biggs
Banker Biggs Card ImageInvest! Card ImageInvest! Card Image
His minions are compound-interesting.

| Chapters: Bank | Levels: 5-6 | Class: Warrior |

Bookmaster Bae Chao
Bookmaster Bae Chao Card ImageShhh! Card ImageShhh! Card Image
Quiet, please.

| Chapters: Violet Hold, Streets, Underbelly, Citadel | Levels: 3-4 | Class: Priest |

Boommaster Flark
Boommaster Flark Card ImageBlast Powder Card Image
Former boom protégé, Flark has a blast messing with minions.

| Chapters: Underbelly | Levels: 8 | Class: Hunter |

Captain Hannigan
Captain Hannigan Card ImageRaise the Alarm Card ImageRaise the Alarm Card Image
Guards! GUARDS!!

| Chapters: Streets | Levels: 6-8 | Class: Warrior |

Carousel Gryphon
Carousel Gryphon Card ImageMerry Go Round Card Image
Round and round your minions go...

| Chapters: All | Levels: 2-3 | Class: Druid |

Chomper Card ImageChomp Card ImageChomp Card Image
Chomper survives the sewers by snacking on smaller minions.

| Chapters: Underbelly | Levels: 1-2 | Class: Hunter |

Commander Bolan
Commander Bolan Card ImageA Quest! Card Image
Be careful, he's got an enormous exclamation point over his head.

| Chapters: Citadel (rare!) | Levels: 5 | Class: Priest |

Cravitz Lorent
Cravitz Lorent Card ImageForbidden Love Card ImageForbidden Love Card Image
Your battle with this romance novelist won't have a happy ending.

| Chapters: Underbelly | Levels: 5 | Class: Warlock |

Cyanigosa Card ImageUncontrollable Energy Card Image
This master of chaotic magic was the chosen agent of Malygos.

| Chapters: Violet Hold | Levels: 8 | Class: Mage |

Dagg Cruelmight
Dagg Cruelmight Card ImageBully Card Image
You never kick a man when he's down. Unless you're Dagg.

| Chapters: All | Levels: 3-5 | Class: Warrior |

Dalaran Fountain Golem
Dalaran Fountain Golem Card ImageCold Water Card Image
Ice cold this fountain flows frostin' up foes with lyrical ice floes.

| Chapters: Bank, Violet Hold, Citadel, Underbelly | Levels: 4-5 | Class: Shaman |

Dancin’ Deryl
Dancin' Deryl Card ImageBoogie Woogie Card ImageBoogie Woogie Card Image
Can't stop, won't stop, the boogie woogie!

| Chapters: Streets, Underbelly, Citadel | Levels: 4-5 | Class: Shaman |

Dazzik “Hellscream”
Dazzik "Hellscream" Card Image"Tank Up!" Card Image
Something about the Warchief seems a little... off.

| Chapters: Underbelly | Levels: 4 | Class: Warrior |

Disidra Stormglory
Disidra Stormglory Card ImageTotemic Summons Card ImageTotemic Summons Card Image
Terribly tenacious. Truly thaumaturgic. Totally totemic.

| Chapters: Bank, Violet Hold | Levels: 4 | Class: Shaman |

Draemus Card ImageImport "Pet" Card ImageImport "Pet" Card Image
Importer of rare and exotic pets. Many of them dangerous.

| Chapters: Bank, Streets, Underbelly | Levels: 5-6 | Class: Hunter |

Erekem Card ImageDark Tidings Card Image
This Arakkoa can see the future... and he's stacking the deck.

| Chapters: Violet Hold | Levels: ? | Class: Shaman |

Flight Master Belnaara
Flight Master Belnaara Card ImageTake Flight! Card Image
When it comes to Fight of Flight, Belnaara chooses both.

| Chapters: Bank, Violet Hold, Streets | Levels: 4-5 | Class: Hunter |

Gold Elemental
Gold Elemental Card ImageMade of Coins Card Image
Something has gone awry at the bottom of the wishing well.

| Chapters: Bank | Levels: 4-5 | Class: Warlock |

Haro Setting-Sun
Haro Setting-Sun Card ImageDarken Card ImageDarken Card Image
With one hoof in the shadows, weakness is his strength.

| Chapters: Bank, Streets, Underbelly | Levels: 6-7 | Class: Priest |

Hesutu Stonewind
Hesutu Stonewind Card ImageEarthmother's Rage Card Image
This shaman has a way of whipping his minions into a frenzy.

| Chapters: All | Levels: 2-3 | Class: Shaman |

Ichoron Card ImageProtective Bubble Card Image
This elemental is double the trouble and triple the bubble.

| Chapters: Violet Hold | Levels: 7 | Class: Mage |

Jepetto Joybuzz
Jepetto Joybuzz Card ImageAssembly Card Image
Some assembly required.

| Chapters: Streets | Levels: 8 | Class: Hunter |

Kara Stamper
Kara Stamper Card ImageSoul Weave Card ImageSoul Weave Card Image
She would sell a soul for more minions. Not hers, of course.

| Chapters: All | Levels: 6-8 | Class: Warlock |

Kaye Toogie
Kaye Toogie Card ImageOpen Wormhole Card Image
Step 1: Open portal. Step 2: Minions fight. Step 3: ...Victory?

| Chapters: Bank, Streets, Underbelly, Citadel | Levels: 4 | Class: Warlock |

Kazamon Steelskin
Kazamon Steelskin Card ImageSteelskin Card Image
To say he's reckless is an understatement. Zero recks are given.

| Chapters: Bank, Streets, Underbelly, Citadel | Levels: 6-8 | Class: Warlock |

Kizi Copperclip
Kizi Copperclip Card ImageMakeover Card Image
A skilled stylist, but get on her bad side and she's a bit snippy.

| Chapters: All | Levels: 1-2 | Class: Warrior |

Lavanthor Card ImageLava Belch Card ImageLava Belch Card Image
"What's in your mouth Lavanthor? Spit it out! Bad core hound!"

| Chapters: Violet Hold | Levels: 7-8 | Class: Warrior |

Lieutenant Sinclari
Lieutenant Sinclari Card ImageHold the Gates! Card Image
She told them the Hold needed more security. She told them!

| Chapters: Violet Hold | Levels: 6 | Class: Mage |

Lilayell Suntear
Lilayell Suntear Card ImageMega Portal Card Image
She makes the instability of the universe work for her.

| Chapters: Citadel | Levels: 8 | Class: Mage |

Linzi Redgrin
Linzi Redgrin Card ImageLil' Eviscerate Card ImageLil' Eviscerate Card Image
This teeny-tiny rogue dishes out some big big hurt.

| Chapters: All | Levels: 1-2 | Class: Rogue |

Locksmith Zibb
Locksmith Zibb Card ImageSpell Lock Card Image
Mages in Dalaran rely on Zibb's skills to lock up their spells.

| Chapters: Streets | Levels: 4 | Class: Shaman |

Madam Goya
Madam Goya Card ImageBlackmail Card ImageBlackmail Card Image
"Extortion" is such an ugly word. Goya prefers "Licensing Fees."

| Chapters: Underbelly | Levels: 8 | Class: Rogue |

Magistrix Norroa
Magistrix Norroa Card ImageKaironomaly Card Image
There's no time to read her card text. Go, go, GO!

| Chapters: Citadel | Levels: 9 | Class: Mage |

Mallificent Manastorm
Millificent Manastorm Card ImageTinker Card Image
Dread spouse of Millhouse, whom she'd like to have a word with.

| Chapters: Violet Hold | Levels: 7-8 | Class: Warrior |

Mama Diggs
Mama Diggs Card ImageExcavate Card Image
She's always digging into her deck for elementals.

| Chapters: Underbelly | Levels: 3-4 | Class: Shaman |

Marei Loom
Marei Loom Card ImageNext... Card Image
She'll exploit your finances, but she won't finance your exploits.

| Chapters: All | Levels: 1-2 | Class: Warlock |

Mo Eniwhiskers
Mo Eniwhiskers Card ImageStreet Smarts Card Image
Mo's money creates Mo's problems.

| Chapters: Bank | Levels: 4 | Class: Rogue |

Moon Priestess Nici
Moon Priestess Nici Card ImageBlessing of Elune Card Image
Time heals all wounds. But if you're in a hurry, call Nici!

| Chapters: All | Levels: 2-3 | Class: Priest |

Moragg Card ImageRay of Suffering Card ImageRay of Suffering Card Image
"Prisoner 54293. Indefinite suspension. Avoid eye contact."

| Chapters: Violet Hold | Levels: 8 | Class: Warlock |

Noz Timbertail
Noz Timbertail Card ImageBackstabber Card Image
This kobold pirate has elevated sneak attacks to an art form.

| Chapters: Bank | Levels: 6-7 | Class: Rogue |

Nozari Card ImageSand Breath Card ImageSand Breath Card Image
When time travel fails, bronze dragons often resort to random sand.

| Chapters: Bank, Violet Hold, Streets, Citadel | Levels: 6-7 | Class: Paladin |

Ol’ Toomba
Ol' Toomba Card ImageTales of Fortune Card Image
His hunt for treasure consumed his life... and maybe yours too.

| Chapters: Bank, Streets | Levels: 6-7 | Class: Rogue |

Oxana Demonslay
Oxana Demonslay Card ImageImmolation Aura Card Image
Slaying demons is her profession, but beating you is her passion.

| Chapters: All | Levels: 6-7 | Class: Warlock |

P.O.G.O. Card ImagePogoshuffle Card Image
This bionic bouncing machine has gone completely rogue!

| Chapters: Bank, Violet Hold, Streets, Underbelly | Levels: 4-5 | Class: Rogue |

Queen Wagtoggle
Queen Wagtoggle Card ImageBribery Card Image
This kobold queen is ALSO robbing the bank. And your minions.

| Chapters: Bank | Levels: 8 | Class: Rogue |

Ranger Ar’ha
Ranger Ar'ha Card ImageAr'ha's Call Card ImageAr'ha's Call Card Image
Battlecry havoc, and let slip the Alleycats of war!

| Chapters: All | Levels: 6-7 | Class: Hunter |

Rasil Fireborne
Rasil Fireborne Card ImageMasterpiece! Card Image
Some say art is subjective. Rasil prefers destructive.

| Chapters: Streets | Levels: 7 | Class: Paladin |

Sael'orn Card ImageWeb Grab Card Image
Traps prey like a spider... toys with them like a demon.

| Chapters: Violet Hold | Levels: 7 | Class: Warlock |

Sharky McFin
Sharky McFin Card ImageSharkbite Card Image
This McShark feeds on the McWeak.

| Chapters: Underbelly | Levels: 4-5 | Class: Druid |

Sky Captain Smiggs
Sky Captain Smiggs Card ImageBombardment Card Image
The only thing bigger than his moustache is his broadside.

| Chapters: All | Levels: 6-7 | Class: Hunter |

Soothsayer Zoie
Soothsayer Zoie Card Image
This healer will fight for her city. Break out the sooths!

| Chapters: All | Levels: 2-3 | Class: Priest |

Tala Stonerage
Tala Stonerage Card ImageTwin Paths Card Image
Druids walk many paths. Tala walks them all.

| Chapters: All | Levels: 4-5 | Class: Druid |

The Amazing “Bonepaw”
The Amazing "Bonepaw" Card ImageMana Echoes Card Image
What's amazing is how far he's gotten copying other people's spells.

| Chapters: All | Levels: 3-4 | Class: Mage |

The Great Akazamzarak
The Great Akazamzarak Card ImagePrestidigitation Card ImagePrestidigitation Card Image
It's not real magic. He's got cards tucked into his sleeve.

| Chapters: All | Levels: 1-3 | Class: Mage |

The Rat King
The Rat King Card ImageA Tale of Kings Card Image
There must always be a rat king.

| Chapters: Underbelly | Levels: 6-7 | Class: Druid |

Tierra Blythe
Tierra Blythe Card ImageOrder Up! Card Image
Be sure to tip your wait staff! (Or else.)

| Chapters: Streets, Underbelly, Citadel | Levels: 3 | Class: Warrior |

Timothy Jones
Timothy Jones Card ImageBling it On! Card Image
Timothy has never dusted a golden. Not even once!

| Chapters: Streets | Levels: 4-5 | Class: Paladin |

Tipsi Wobblerune
Tipsi Wobblerune Card ImagePortal Party Card ImagePortal Party Card Image
She's a portable portal party!

| Chapters: Bank, Violet Hold, Underbelly | Levels: 3-4 | Class: Mage |

Trade Prince Gallywix
Trade Prince Gallywix Card ImageGreed is Good Card Image
This goblin Prince has rigged the market. Against you.

| Chapters: Bank | Levels: 8 | Class: Rogue |

Ungan Oddkind
Ungan Oddkind Card ImageSummon Companion Card ImageSummon Companions Card Image
He conjurs up animals. And insults. And insulting animals.

| Chapters: All | Levels: 5-6 | Class: Hunter |

Valdera Highborne
Valdera Highborne Card ImageImpervious Card Image
His smile is disarming, but his fancy armor is the real threat.

| Chapters: Bank | Levels: 6-7 | Class: Paladin |

Vas'no Card ImageStormswell Card Image
This troll water shaman is into undertows and overloads.

| Chapters: Bank, Streets, Citadel | Levels: 6-7 | Class: Shaman |

Whirt the All-Knowing
Whirt the All-Knowing Card ImagePrediction Card Image
What's the secret to knowing all secrets? It's a secret.

| Chapters: Bank, Violet Hold, Underbelly, Citadel | Levels: 4-5 | Class: Mage |

Xur'ios Card ImageScroll Savvy Card Image
Master of spellcasting. Lousy at spell-aiming.

| Chapters: Bank, Violet Hold, Streets, Citadel | Levels: 4-5 | Class: Mage |

Zuramat the Obliterator
Zuramat the Obliterator Card ImageTo The Void Card Image
Imprisoned because the Kirin-Tor mostly frowns on obliterations.

| Chapters: Violet Hold | Levels: 8 | Class: Warlock |

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  • 11times67's Avatar Island 505 42 Posts Joined 03/24/2019
    Posted 2 years ago

    Golden Candle is the secret to beating the top three bosses in the citadel.

  • SamHobbs494's Avatar Scrambled Eggs 385 245 Posts Joined 06/03/2019
    Posted 2 years ago

    I hate Kalec, that guy is an op prick with perfect RnG

  • Conduit's Avatar Eldritch Horror 420 138 Posts Joined 05/31/2019
    Posted 2 years, 1 month ago

    Just a heads-up, I don't think Kazamon can be a 8th boss.

    • FrostyFeet's Avatar Senior Moderator Derpcorn 1740 1291 Posts Joined 10/20/2018
      Posted 2 years, 1 month ago

      He can, but only in Citadel (I've met him there, I believe). I think any level 6-7 boss (that is not exclusive to a certain chapter) can be the 8th boss of Citadel, so I'm not sure how to list that better than now.

  • Valord's Avatar 465 281 Posts Joined 05/28/2019
    Posted 2 years, 1 month ago

    I'm pretty sure Erekem and Sael'orn are exclusive to the Violet Hold Chapter. After all they are bosses in Violet Hold in WoW.


    • FrostyFeet's Avatar Senior Moderator Derpcorn 1740 1291 Posts Joined 10/20/2018
      Posted 2 years, 1 month ago

      I agree with the Sael'orn assessment and took the liberty to edit the list accordingly. Should anyone meet her outside Violet Hold, please let us know.

    • Chimera's Avatar Senior Moderator HearthStationeer 685 680 Posts Joined 10/22/2018
      Posted 2 years, 1 month ago

      Thanks, I'll edit in Violet Hold for Erekem. Curious if anyone else can recall encountering Sael'orn outside of that chapter


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