For as long as war has raged, heroes from every race have aimed to master the art of battle. Warriors combine strength, leadership, and a vast knowledge of arms and armor to wreak havoc in glorious combat. Some protect from the front lines with shields, locking down enemies while allies support the warrior from behind with spell and bow. Mighty warriors depend on their heavy armor, shields, and battle prowess to defend themselves and ensure enemies don’t focus on their softer-skinned allies. Others forgo the shield and unleash their rage at the closest threat with a variety of deadly weapons. Weapon mastery is a staple of warrior training, and they are capable of delivering high damage with enormous weapons. (source)

Heh, Greetings. There's a lot to learn when jumping in to Hearthstone, and the goal of this guide is to help you get a clearer understand of this class's basic cards. You'll also find the levels at which you unlock cards & their golden versions.

The Warrior class can be unlocked by defeating an opponent playing the class. It's identity involves weapons, brute strength, and rushing enemies with rage. As you level your Warrior you will unlock the remainder of the class cards, several of which are quite powerful.

Basic Class Cards

You begin with 5 of your class cards available, while the other 5 must be earned through playing that class. An overview of these cards can be found below:

Charge Card Image
Golden Copies - Levels 23 & 26

Charge is a card that doesn't see too much use in your typical game modes. They may as well change this card to say 'Give a minion Rush', because that is exactly what it does. It allows a minion to attack other minions the same turn that you play it.

  • This sort of card supports a more aggressive playstyle but does not currently present much in terms of value when your deck is limited to 30 cards.

    This card is best used:
  • In combination with strong minions to remove threats on your opponent's board.
  • With any sort of cards that require cheap spells to trigger effects.




Execute Card Image
Golden Copies - Levels 47 & 48

Execute is a Warrior staple and extremely powerful. Any damaged minion that is targetable can be destroyed. Simple.

  • Although this is strong, you are still limited to only 2 copies. Use them strategically on the most critical threats.
  • Especially convenient when played alongside cards like Whirlwind.

This card is best used:

  • To destroy critical threats if they are damaged.
  • Bypass a Taunt-heavy board to remove a minion.
  • Swing the tempo in your favor.
  • Eliminate a defending minion to land a finishing blow.



Heroic Strike Card Image
Golden Copies - Levels 15 & 20

Heroic Strike is a card that is typically used in aggressive decks. It allows you to boost your hero's Attack immediately by 4 to be used offensively.

  • Most often this is used as a win condition, or depending on the match a form of removal.

This card is best used:

  • For an aggressive win condition.
  • Removing enemy minions if you do not have a weapon, or your weapon's damage it too low.





Fiery War Axe Card Image
Golden Copies - Levels 49 & 50

Fiery War Axe is definitely the most iconic Warrior card. Although not quite as powerful as it once was, this weapon is still very reliable and worth playing. It gives you 2 swings with 3 damage, however there are cards that can buff this, like Upgrade!.

  • You may want to look for one of these in your mulligan, especially if you have The Coin. 
  • Warrior can often afford to trade with minions with a healthy selection of armor available. This allows you to attack immediately and contest board control in the first few turns, but works great on faces too!

This card is best used:

  • In the early game to answer minions from your opponent.
  • To leverage your armor generation and remove smaller minions so you can use your own for bigger and better things.
  • Smash face.


Warsong Commander Card Image
Golden Copies - Levels 36 & 38

Warsong Commander used to be a great card, but was unfortunately reworked. It now gives your Charge minions+1 Attack while it is in play.

  • Charge minions are aggressive in nature and allow you to attack your opponent immediately. Very often they are part of a win condition; Leeroy Jenkins for example.
  • I suppose if you have some deck that has a ton of small minions with Charge you may get some value from this, but such an archetype does not currently exist. The developers have also cut back heavily on releasing cards with Charge, so it's hard to say if that will ever be a deck that sees play.

This card is best used:

  • With many small tokens that have Charge, probably.



Cards Unlocked Through Class Level

Additional cards are earned ever 2 levels, up to 10. Levels are earned through individual class experience, and that is a product of playing the game!

We will give an overview of these locked class cards, and at which level you can access them:

Cleave Card Image
Unlocked - Level 2
Golden Copies - Levels 40 & 42

Cleave is a lesser removal spell that deals damage to random minions. 

  • When combined with Spell Damage this card's value increases greatly against minion-heavy decks.
  • You can influence which minions are hit by destroying others before playing this.

This card is best used:

  • To counter decks that play a lot of minions.
  • In combination with some Spell Damage to remove bigger minions.





Kor'kron Elite Card Image
Unlocked - Level 4
Golden Copies - Levels 44 & 46

Kor'kron Elite is one of the strongest cards for this class. Charge is a very powerful keyword and this card is a great example of that.

  • With Charge you can easily swing the tempo in your favor or deliver a swift finishing blow for your win condition.

This card is best used:

  • To trade with enemy minions and gain tempo.
  • As a win condition to deal a fair amount of damage directly from your hand.





Whirlwind Card Image
Unlocked - Level 6
Golden Copies - Levels 32 & 34

Whirlwind is the most basic incarnation of one of Warrior's signature card effects - dealing 1 damage to all minions.

  • Remember that this means your own minions as well, and you will want to remember to attack with them if they are about to die from this. 
  • Warrior has numerous minions with effects that trigger after taking damage or surviving damage that have excellent synergy with this and similar cards.

This card is best used:

  • To remove numerous minions with 1 Health.
  • In combination with effects that requires minions taking or surviving damage repeatedly.
  • In combination with Spell Damage bonuses.



Shield Block Card Image
Unlocked - Level 8
Golden Copies - Levels 28 & 30

Shield Block is a good card that has a dual purpose of bolstering your armor and cycling your deck. This is one of Warrior's best options for card draw and it's still used regularly. It pairs well with cards that interact with your armor total.

This card is best used:

  • To mitigate some damage while drawing for answers.
  • In combination with cards that scale based on armor total.
  • To increase the consistency of your deck.






Arcanite Reaper Card Image
Unlocked - Level 10
Golden Copies - Levels 51 & 52

Arcanite Reaper offers a lot of damage in a neat package. You can do a lot with 5 damage, although in the past this has typically been utilized by aggressive weapon decks.

  • Can be upgraded with other cards to increase durability and gain additional swings.

This card is best used:

  • To remove mid-size threats.
  • To direct significant damage to the enemy hero in aggressive decks.
  • In combination with cards like Upgrade! to stretch the value much further.




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