From an early age, the call of the wild draws some adventurers from the comfort of their homes into the unforgiving primal world outside. Those who endure become hunters. Masters of their environment, they are able to slip like ghosts through the trees and lay traps in the paths of their enemies. Hunters are rugged trackers who can use venom, explosives and traps to damage enemies up close. Hunters tame the beasts of the wild, and those beasts serve in return by assaulting their enemies and shielding them from harm. Whether wielding bows, guns, or crossbows, hunters are deadly with ranged weapons. They are capable of dishing out consistently high damage. (source)

Hello, wanderer. There's a lot to learn when jumping in to Hearthstone, and the goal of this guide is to help you get a clearer understand of this class's basic cards. You'll also find the levels at which you unlock cards & their golden versions.

The Hunter class can be unlocked by defeating an opponent playing the class. It's identity involves Beast synergy, traps, swift & direct damage, and weapons. As you level your Hunter you will unlock the remainder of the class cards, many of which are quite powerful.

Basic Class Cards

You begin with 5 of your class cards available, while the other 5 must be earned through playing that class. An overview of these cards can be found below:

Arcane Shot Card Image
Golden Copies - Levels 32 & 34

Arcane Shot is a simple direct damage spell; put 2 damage wherever you like. Paying only 1 Mana means you can easily play something alongside to build tempo.

  • This is typically a minor removal card. Works well with Hunter's Mark to answer minions with large Health pools.
  • A decent low-cost spell for archetypes that involve playing many spells or cheap cards.

    This card is best used:
  • For minor removal or as part of lethal damage.
  • In combination with Spell Damage bonuses.
  • With Hunter's Mark to remove a threat from a distance.



Timber Wolf Card Image
Golden Copies - Levels 23 & 26

Timber Wolf is a straightforward minion that buffs other Beasts. The text says 'other' Beasts, which tells us it does not give itself +1 Attack.

  • You will get the most value out of this in decks that play an abundance of Beasts, especially if they have Charge or Rush. Think Unleash the Hounds.

This card is best used:

  • As part of deck with Beast synergy.
  • Alongside multiple Beast tokens.
  • With Beasts that have Rush or Charge, like Unleash the Hounds.




Tracking Card Image
Golden Copies - Levels 15 & 25

Tracking is a very interesting card. It is the earliest form of a mechanic now known as Discover, however the two cards you don't choose are discarded.

  • You can use this in a clutch situation when you need a particular card to achieve your goals, or with an aggressive deck to efficiently cycle your cards and find key minions and spells.

This card is best used:

  • In a clutch situation to find an answer you haven't drawn yet.
  • To reduce the size of your deck quicker if that benefits you.
  • To aggressively cycle your deck and find key cards to facilitate going face.




Multi-Shot Card Image
Golden Copies - Levels 36 & 38

Multi-Shot is a basic and slightly unpredictable removal option, very similar to Cleave.

  • It's use is limited specifically to removing minions and you can not choose them, however you can destroy other minions to increase the chance of it targeting the ideal targets.

This card is best used:

  • Combating minion-heavy decks and clearing your opponents board to gain control.
  • In combination with Spell Damage to remove larger minions.





Houndmaster Card Image
Golden Copies - Levels 28 & 30

Houndmaster is one of the strongest Basic Hunter cards. Being able to grant 2 Attack and 2 Defence to any friendly Beast as well as give it Taunt is very valuable in a midrange playstyle, and the 4/3 body as well fortifies your board presence considerably.

  • You can buff a minion that can already attack that turn if you'd like to use it more offensively, or use it on a high-health Beast to create a large obstacle for your opponent to overcome.
  • Be aware that this is a Battlecry effect, so you must play it from your hand for it to trigger.

This card is best used:

  • With other Beasts for stronger board presence and increased damage potential.
  • In midrange decks to help control tempo of the match and mitigate some aggression.
  • To enhance Beasts that may already attack in order to remove a threat.
  • In combination with high-Health Beasts like Oasis Snapjaw to play more defensively with Taunt.


Cards Unlocked Through Class Level

Additional cards are earned ever 2 levels, up to 10. Levels are earned through individual class experience, and that is a product of playing the game!

We will give an overview of these locked class cards, and at which level you can access them:

Animal Companion Card Image
Unlocked - Level 2
Golden Copies - Levels 45 & 46

Animal Companion summons one of three possible Beast minions: Misha, Huffer, & Leokk. Each has their own advantages but they are all relatively well balanced.

  • Misha is a decent taunt that your opponent must address.
  • Huffer will put 4 damage immediately at your disposal in the form of a Beast with Charge.
  • Leokk will empower all of your other Beasts and greatly increase their damage potential.
  • If you have your opponent at low Health and need a little extra damage to close out the game, you will want to play this before attacking with other Beasts in case you get a Leokk, or even aHuffer to just go face.

This card is best used:

  • Whenever you could take advantage of one or more of the possible companions, which is most of the time.
  • Earlier in the game to get a solid minion for 3 Mana and contest the board. Hope for Misha
  • Later in the game as a win condition by buffing multiple other Beasts or using Charge to go face.


Starving Buzzard Card Image
Unlocked - Level 4
Golden Copies - Levels 47 & 48

Starving Buzzard is a very fragile minion on it's own and one you will want to play only when you can ensure you will get value from it.

  • You will want to chain this with various methods of summoning multiple Beasts. It has high potential for card draw in the right type of deck. A decent combo with Unleash the Hounds can draw you a lot of cards at once for 8 mana in the right situation.
  • Be careful how many cards you will draw when this is still on the board. You do not want to play too many Beasts and accidentally burn your cards because your hand size is limited to 10 cards.

This card is best used:

  • As a draw engine in decks that summon many Beasts to quickly cycle your deck.




Hunter's Mark Card Image
Unlocked - Level 6
Golden Copies - Levels 40 & 42

Hunter's Mark is a great card for removal of large minions and has been nerfed twice now from being free to costing 2 Mana.

  • Use this to clear any minion with a single point of damage, however this does not deal with Divine Shields. If you can not destroy the target you will not get any value from this.
  • This can be used to aid a win condition by allowing you to clear a Taunt minion standing in your way with little damage and save the rest it for lethal.
  • This spell will write over existing modifications to a minion's Health meaning they can not be healed. This can be undone only with a Silence effect.

This card is best used:

  • To allow easy removal of big minions and negate Health buffs.
  • To remove allow removal of a Taunt minion with minimal damage to deliver a lethal blow.



Tundra Rhino Card Image
Unlocked - Level 8
Golden Copies - Levels 43 & 44

Tundra Rhino can be very powerful if it goes unchecked on the board. It gives all Beasts Charge, which means it can attack immediately as well.

  • Extremely effective with deathrattle minions, particularly Savannah Highmane. When new Beasts are summoned after a trade they will be able to attack immediately as well, creating huge potential for chaining damage.
  • If you choose to utilize this card you will want to make an effort to protect it. Players that have come across it before know it can get out of hand real fast and it becomes a primary target as soon as it hits the board.

This card is best used:

  • In combination with deathrattle Beasts or other cards that summon further Beasts.
  • To attempt to regain tempo and remove some smaller minions.
  • As a tool for dealing a lot of sudden damage as a win condition.
  • In combination with smaller low-cost Beasts to clear multiple minions the same turn.
  • With some taunt minions to make it more difficult to remove.


Kill Command Card Image
Unlocked - Level 10
Golden Copies - Levels 49 & 50

Kill Command is undoubtedly one of hunter's most powerful cards, as you can output a lot of damage at a low cost. The condition of having a Beast is easily met, however sometimes you may still have to use it to defend yourself if not.

  • You can ignore the board and use one or two copies of this for lethal damage.
  • Very affordable removal for minions with a moderate amount of Health.
  • Get even further value with Spell Damage bonuses.

This card is best used:

  • For lethal damage as a win condition.
  • As a valuable removal tool for minions with a moderate Health pool.



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