This is the call of the paladin: to protect the weak, to bring justice to the unjust, and to vanquish evil from the darkest corners of the world. These holy warriors are equipped with plate armor so they can confront the toughest of foes, and the blessing of the Light allows them to heal wounds and, in some cases, even restore life to the dead. Paladins’ potent healing abilities can ensure that they and their allies remain in fighting shape. Their blessings and auras can improve damage and survivability for both themselves and their party. (source)

Well met! There's a lot to learn when jumping in to Hearthstone, and the goal of this guide is to help you get a clearer understand of this class's basic cards. You'll also find the levels at which you unlock cards & their golden versions.

The Paladin class can be unlocked by defeating an opponent playing the class. It's identity involves stat manipulation, weapons, secrets, healing, Divine Shield and secrets. As you level your Paladin you will unlock the remainder of the class cards, many of which are quite powerful.

Basic Class Cards

You begin with 5 of your class cards available, while the other 5 must be earned through playing that class. An overview of these cards can be found below:

Hand of Protection Card Image
Golden Copies - Levels 23 & 26

Hand of Protection is a straightforward spell that does one thing: grant Divine Shield to a minion.

  • Divine shield is a mechanic which envelops them in a protective barrier. This will absorb all damage of the next attack they receive.
  • When a minion with Divine Shield is attacked they still deal retaliation damage to the attacker while taking none.
  • Divine Shields break after one impact, exposing the minion. It's always best to use as little damage as possible to break the shield, otherwise you will may waste it.
  • Divine shield only prevents effects that trigger by dealing damage. If a Mage casts Frostbolt on your minion with Divine Shield it will not take damage, but it will still be Frozen.

This card is best used:

  • To allow one of your minions to trade without taking damage.
  • To support Divine Shield synergy.
  • In combination with buff synergies.

Light's Justice Card Image
Golden Copies - Levels 36 & 38

Light's Justice is a simple but reliable weapon that can be useful for it's individual 'ping' damage. Four Durability tells us it can attack that many times before it breaks. Four damage for one Mana is not bad, however it is limited to one per turn.

  • You may use this for things like breaking Divine Shields, triggering secrets, or dealing with how Health minions.
  • You may have an opportunity to remove a threat if you plan you play a card like Equality as well.

This card is best used:

  • Early in a match to contest the board.
  • To break Divine Shields or trigger secrets.
  • To aid in setting up a favourable trade.
  • In combination with weapon synergies.


Blessing of Might Card Image
Golden Copies - Levels 45 & 46

Blessing of Might will give a minion an immediate +3 Attack buff that persists until Silenced or removed.

  • This spell buffs a minion, and therefore can synergize with effects that are triggered by them.
  • You may opt to hold on to spells like this for lethal damage occasionally; other stat modifying cards like Blessed Champion can be used as well.
  • On rare occasions one may also use a card like this in order to trigger an effect like the Battlecry of Big Game Hunter for example, but only when necessary.

This card is best used:

  • To achieve more favourable trades.
  • To empower minions to do more direct damage do your opponent.
  • In combination with buff synergies.
  • To modify Attack of enemy minions to enable a particular card.


Holy Light Card Image
Golden Copies - Levels 15 & 20

Holy Light is a basic healing spell, restoring 6 Health to any character.

  • If the heal is more than the target's missing health, the excess is wasted.

This card is best used:

  • To keep an important minion alive, or keep yourself out of lethal range.






Hammer of Wrath Card Image
Golden Copies - Levels 32  & 34

Hammer of Wrath is a decent combination of damage and card draw. You'll more often use this to remove minions, however you have the option to target the enemy hero if necessary.

  • You can take advantage of Spell Damage to make it more effective, but this does not modify cards drawn.
  • If your deck feels a little inconsistent a card like this one can improve this.

This card is best used:

  • To remove pesky minions.
  • To clutch lethal damage.
  • To increase the consistency of your deck and cycle through cards.



Cards Unlocked Through Class Level

Additional cards are earned ever 2 levels, up to 10. Levels are earned through individual class experience, and that is a product of playing the game!

We will give an overview of these locked class cards, and at which level you can access them:

Truesilver Champion Card Image
Unlocked - Level 2
Golden Copies - Levels 40 & 42

Truesilver Champion is a strong signature Paladin weapon. Eight damage and four health restored in total for the the low price of 4 Mana is a bargain.

  • You can trade efficiently and negate some of the damage you take with the healing effect.
  • Can be used in combination with effects that trigger when a character is healed.
  • The heal triggers before your hero attacks, so it's best not to use this at max health if you can avoid it.
  • Opponent's may use weapon removal occasionally and this will be a key target. Avoid playing your weapons unless you can get some value out of them right away.

This card is best used:

  • To trade and remove enemy minions efficiently.
  • When you are missing some Health and could use the heal.
  • In combination with effects that trigger when a character is healed.


Consecration Card Image
Unlocked - Level 4
Golden Copies - Levels 43 & 44

Consecration is a premium AOE (area of effect) tool the does a minimum of two damage to all enemies.

  • Spell Damage can be very valuable in combination with this for increased devastation.
  • This spell also affects your opponent's hero, so you may deliver some direct damage while they are behind one or more Taunt minions.

This card is best used:

  • To answer multiple enemy minions by damaging your opponent's whole board.





Humility Card Image
Unlocked - Level 6
Golden Copies - Levels 28 & 30

Humility is yet another spell that will modify stats of a minion. 

  • This card will change the attack of any minion to 1.
  • This will overwrite the Health of a minion and any previous buffs.
  • It can only be undone by a Silence effect.

This card is best used:

  • On large threats with high attack to avoid a lot of damage.






Guardian of Kings Card Image
Unlocked - Level 8
Golden Copies - Levels 47 & 48

Guardian of Kings allows you to heal yourself while also putting a reasonably statted minion on the board.

  • The healing targets your hero specifically.
  • Utilizes the Battlecry keyword that triggers the effect when played.

This card is best used:

  • To sustain damage later in the match.
  • To put a minion on your board to trade or add a threat.





Blessing of Kings Card Image
Unlocked - Level 10
Golden Copies - Levels 49 & 50

Blessing of Kings is one of the 'beefiest' buff spells Paladin has available with it's +4 to both Attack and Health.

  • Immediately grants a minion increased survivability and damage potential.
  • Be sure to use this on a minion that can attack the same turn whenever possible to take advantage of that extra Attack right away. Otherwise it may be destroyed before you can get any value.

This card is best used:

  • To keep important minions alive.
  • To Increase the Attack of minions for better trades.
  • In combination with effects that are triggered by playing spells.

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