When you open up your Collection, there are several quick filters you can choose from. Game Format, Card Set, Class and Mana Cost. However, you can do so much more!

In the Search box, you can write different types of commands to filter by more specific rules than the basic interface provides. The text search function searches through basically any element of the card, meaning it not only searches places like a card name, text or tribe, but also a card's class or type. Off course you can filter by keywords or rarity as well. And you can combine two or more filters at once!

Basic Search Commands

  • Attack - attack:<value>, attack:<value>-, attack:<value>+, attack:<value1>-<value2>
    • Ex.: "attack:1-" or "attack:3-5"
  • Health - health:<value>, health:<value>-, health:<value>+, health:<value1>-<value2>
  • Mana Cost - mana:<value>, mana:<value>-, mana:<value>+, mana:<value1>-<value2>
    • Tip: trying to find cards to fit in your Genn or Baku deck? try "mana:even" or "mana:odd"
  • Owned - owned:<value>, owned:<value>-, owned:<value>+, owned:<value1>-<value2>
    • Tip: "owned:3+" is especially useful to those who like to DE cards manually, this way you can easilly identify the cards you have more than 2 copies of; different from "Extra" keyword since it doesn't count regular and golden cards together!
  • Rarity - rarity:<value> (free, common, rare, epic, legendary)
  • Card Type - type:<value> (minion, spell, weapon, hero)
  • Artist: artist:name

Special Keywords

  • nax, naxx - card set Curse of Naxxramas
  • gvg - card set Goblins vs Gnomes
  • brm - card set Blackrock Mountain
  • tgt - card set The Grand Tournament
  • loe - card set League of Explorers
  • tog, wog, wotog - card set Whispers of the Old Gods
  • msg, msog - card set Mean Streets of Gadgetzan
  • kc, kac, knc - card set Kobolds and Catacombs
  • ww - card set The Witchwood
  • bp - card set The Boomsday Project
  • new - list of newly acquired cards
  • golden - list of golden cards
  • extra - list of cards you have 2+ copies of (and legendaries you have 1+ copies of)
  • missing - list of cards you have 0-1 copies of (and legendaries you have 0 copies of)
  • refund - searching “Refund” in the Collection will now populate with cards eligible for a dust refund (source)

Special Commands

By default, when you input text string into a search box, the search function searches for that exact text string. So, for example, typing "in giant" will display only Mountain Giant because no other card has that exact text string, anywhere.

What do we mean by anywhere? Let me show you: if you type in "elemental c" the results might surprise you, it will be Quartz Elemental and Air Elemental. But why? Because their name ends with "elemental" and their card text starts with "c" (Can't).

If we would type in "elemental cry", no results are shown, because there is no such exact text string anywhere on any card.


By using "has:<text>" command, we can search for a specific word, phrase or combination of letters. Lets use our last example, if we type in "elemental has:cry" we get a plenty of results now, mostly because there are a lot of elementals with battlecry, which containts the "cry" part we searched for alongside the elemental tribe.

The "has" command is also a very useful tool for when you want to combine more filters together. For example, what if i wanted to search for that 1-cost elemental that always gives my opponent a copy of my best card? You know ... the ... the ... oh man, what was its name again? Oh wait! I can just type in "elemental has:copy mana:1" and voila! Yes! Crystalline Oracle is what i was looking for! izi :)

Feel free to add other useful commands you know of in the comment section below, we can include them in the guide later.