Welcome to HearthStation!
Your friendly Hearthstone community resource.

We've been busy building a new platform to explore and share Blizzard's Hearthstone. Since 2013, our core has been playing and covering the game in a variety of different media and we'd like to continue to do so via a brand new place.

Our one goal is to make HearthStation the best Hearthstone database and community portal for the English-speaking Hearthstone world. We want to provide the community with a place to find the latest news, share their experiences, and make use of custom tools that will help everyone enjoy the game.

Meet Derpcorn

Our lovely mascot, Derpcorn! It defines what we want out of HearthStation and what we like in the greater Hearthstone community - majestic playfulness. Hearthstone is a game, and games are meant to be fun. We want to encourage and spread fun to help make the Hearthstone community more inviting.

The Soft Launch

We've decided to launch the site today to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Hearthstone with the start of daily news coverage and so that we can begin preparations for the upcoming card reveal period. Currently, we consider ourselves in BETA so there will likely be some rough edges around the site but do know that we're working quickly to reiterate on the design and functionality of the site to improve your experience.

  • Mobile support is not finished but we plan on having the entire site mobile friendly. Hearthstone has a huge mobile presence and it isn't fair to not support those players.
  • Come hang out on our forums. Ask questions, find new friends, talk about anything and everything Hearthstone.
  • Give us your feedback and ideas for the site. Find a bug or need some help? Let us know on the bug report and support forums!

More features on the site today include:

If you haven't done so already, you can signup for an account here. Everyone who signs up in the first week will get a special something on the site down the line, so what are you waiting for?

A Pipeline Preview

We're not done yet! Here's what we have in the works and hope to have them available for you soon.

  • Member Profiles & Account Management
  • Notifications
  • Pack Opener - Test out opening card packs before expansions launch.
  • Esports Tournament Pages - Database driven so things keep a uniform look and are easy for us to maintain
  • Fan Creations Database - Create custom cards to share with the community and take part in competitions
  • Cardback Database - View everything visually in a proper system that is kept up to date.
  • Collection Manager - Find decks using your real Hearthstone collection.
  • Achievements - A popular feature on websites, we'll have our own spin on them!

We'll also be taking ideas from the community for future features so let us know what you want to see.


Thanks for visiting HearthStation. We hope you'll stick around to talk with us about Hearthstone. Give us a follow on social media to get notifications when new articles go up and we have other content to share from the site.