Well, thing certainly got Wild out there. We got the announcement of brand new class followed by plenty of card reveals and other stuff to be hyped about. A certain Blood Elf already entered the fray alongside some card unnerfs, and Wild hasn't been the same since. Let's see what our community members have chosen to play after such a patch.

Highlander Yogg Hunter

Let's start by addressing the Yogg in the room. Loved and hated across the community, the master of mayhem lives once more! As a true believer, DinoStram had already been playing this deck for a while but decided to share it for others to try out after the unnerf.

Razakus Priest

Fire in the hole! Shadowreaper Anduin's cannon is singing again as Raza the Chained was unshackled once more. As you might suspect, there are plenty of other variants in addition to Centipete's version below: you could choose to go for Quest instead of Reno like Dorkpork or lean more heavily on the Velen combo like ArgentumNilBright.

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Spiteful Battlecry Shaman

Spiteful Summoner has traditionally been popular with Druids and Priests, but our community members went with more interesting choices like Watermelon86's Shaman shows. He also made a Hunter deck with the same idea, and MrRhapsody went Even further with this Mage deck. Spiteful stuff!

Kael'thas Resurrect Priest

Druids welcomed Kael'thas to Wild with open arms due to their high-costed but strong draw engines, but they're not the only class that can take advantage of his unique effect. FirePaladinHS has been tinkering with this Priest list and he's feeling confident that he's onto something here.

Kael'thas Druids

I mentioned them already, so it would be wrong to not highlight them for those that are yet to suffer from haven't seen them yet. There are several Jade variants, like this one from economicaooc or the one below from puffy.

Deck ID Not Found

Then there's the Malygos deck popularized by Dane.

And I've also seen a rather meme-y version on Hijo's Twitter, which goes all-in with Kael'thas. Just be careful that you don't heal your opponent too much with those Overflows.

For everyone already hating Kael'thas decks, I'm sorry.

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Came up with something Wild yourself? Create a Wild deck and share it in the comments below. Don't forget to write a guide!