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The first Hearthstone expansion of 2020 is Ashes of Outland! You can learn more about the expansion, including seeing all the revealed cards, in our dedicated Ashes of Outland Expansion Guide!

Ashes of Outland Demon Hunter Flavor Text

  • Metamorphosis - As the humble caterpillar becomes a beautiful butterfly, so too does a demon hunter become a hideous mass of writhing destruction and unfettered chaos.
  • Kayn Sunfury - "Armor and heals may slow my zeal, but fel and glaives excite me!"
  • Pit Commander - "Pit! Do as I say!"
  • Warglaives of Azzinoth - The blades glow green from things unseen, dark dreams whirling in the felfire gleam.
  • Coilfang Warlord - Prepare for the staunch conch launch!
  • Priestess of Fury - Furious that she only has six warglaives. The Sightless Watcher has eight! The fel is always greener on the other side.
  • Imprisoned Antaen - Can I get a pair of size XXXXXL manacles?
  • Skull of Gul'dan - A fellow of evil possessed, of most devious shadow. He hath turned on his kin a thousand times, and now, how abhorred in all imagination he is!
  • Furious Felfin - Signature moves include Eye Bream, Feast of Soles, and Metamorphofish.
  • Fel Summoner - All's well that ends fel when the fel summoner summons well.
  • Ashtongue Battlelord - Demons have destroyed the lives of the Ashtongue draenei. Now he's got a shoulder-axe to grind.
  • Spectral Sight - "Pick a card, any card! Preferably the left- or right-most card."
  • Netherwalker - You got to Nethercrawl before you can Netherwalk.
  • Immolation Aura - If you can't take the heat, stop standing in the fire.
  • Crimson Sigil Runner - He's not the fastest of the bunch, but he'll take a stab at it anyway.

Ashes of Outland Druid Flavor Text

  • Ysiel Windsinger - Reach down into your lungs. The wind that resides there is your greatest treasure. It provides the gift of song, which is free. *But not less than (1)
  • Archspore Msshi'fn - Brave leader of the Sporeggar. Guided by the philosophy that one should not mssh with matters that are not one's msshiness.
  • Marsh Hydra - Three heads of marsh-mashing, bog-bashing, swamp-stomping fury!
  • Glowfly Swarm - Glowflies are distant relations to spelling bees.
  • Germination - I regret asking how sporelings are made.
  • Fungal Fortunes - Far superior to a beanstalk boondoggle.
  • Ironbark - "The important thing, son, is to protect your spores! I have spoken!"
  • Overgrowth - Zangarmarsh: it's a fungal out there!
  • Bogbeam - Some think the mysterious bright lights in the bog are alien invaders, others think they're just swamp gas. Turns out, it's just druids.
  • Imprisoned Satyr - "C'mon down to Illhoof's bargain bin! When the satyr's free, he'll lower your fee!"

Ashes of Outland Hunter Flavor Text

Ashes of Outland Mage Flavor Text

  • Astromancer Solarian - Loyal to Kael'thas Sunstrider, this blood elf mage sought arcane power in the Void. Did she find it... or did IT find her?
  • Evocation - You too could be the winner of the national spelling spree!
  • Apexis Blast - Lonely mages can still have a blast!
  • Apexis Smuggler - "S-secrets? I don't have any! Whoa, look, a spell!"
  • Deep Freeze - "Dancing with the Satyrs' on Ice!"
  • Imprisoned Observer - Currently serving two turns on charges of aggravated minion slaughter.
  • Font of Power - It's Comic Sans.
  • Netherwind Portal - More aromatic than a regular portal.
  • Incanter's Flow - "Gettin' them discounts in bulk amounts, spells can come, and spells can go, castin' costs drop with my sweet, sweet flow."
  • Starscryer - Often grieves with the Starsweeper.

Ashes of Outland Paladin Flavor Text

Ashes of Outland Priest Flavor Text

  • Soul Mirror - It's a doppelgang-war!
  • Reliquary of Souls - These three represent Anger, Desire, and Suffering. Much like raid night guild chat.
  • Skeletal Dragon - I wish to complain about this dragon what I purchased not half an hour ago from this very boutique.
  • Sethekk Veilweaver - The Sethekk weren't able to survive this long by being wasteful with their power. Or their wacky hats.
  • Psyche Split - This is how the arakkoa make friends.
  • Dragonmaw Overseer - Ah, the Booterang... nothing cures peon laziness faster.
  • Dragonmaw Sentinel - On the side, she's training for the annual Dragonmaw hammer throw tournament.
  • Apotheosis - Defined as the absolute pinnacle of existence. Plus Lifesteal.
  • Imprisoned Homunculus - He got a time out for excessive vulgarity.
  • Renew - I am rejuvenated, I am renewed, I am my own nightlight!

Ashes of Outland Rogue Flavor Text

  • Akama - "To many of my people, I am known as a traitor... as Illidan's lapdog. I will remain in the shadows, for now... Actually, maybe I'll just remain in the shadows forever."
  • Shadowjeweler Hanar - What is a shadowjeweler? A miserable little pile of secrets.
  • Greyheart Sage - "What am I drinking again?"
  • Bamboozle - "WE DO YOU A BAMBOOZLE, HOOMAN!"
  • Ashtongue Slayer - Her other hand attachments include a corkscrew and a bottle opener.
  • Ambush - Clip-clop clip-clop CLIP-CLOP STAB!
  • Blackjack Stunner - "I'm about to ruin this 10-cost minion's whole career."
  • Cursed Vagrant - Little did he know, it was really the talbuk leg that was cursed.
  • Dirty Tricks - "Ahh sand in my eyes! Also, I'm being stabbed."
  • Spymistress - Spies in Outland must blend into the environment. That means hot-pink gear and bright green hair. It's a weird place.

Ashes of Outland Shaman Flavor Text

  • The Lurker Below - "Throw it back! THROW IT BACK!"
  • Lady Vashj - Personal handmaiden to Queen Azshara turned lieutenant to Illidan Stormrage. Also quite the hair sssstylist.
  • Boggspine Knuckles - I would NOT want to put my hand in there. It's... SQUISHY.
  • Shattered Rumbler - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE GROUND!
  • Torrent - Weeks of underwater cross-training have really built up her fourarms.
  • Vivid Spores - Hey man, I just feel like... death is just a construct of our imaginations, ya know?
  • Bogstrok Clacker - This clacker's crackers for hacking slackers into whack attackers.
  • Marshspawn - Hopes to someday promote to Marshsqueen.
  • Totemic Reflection - "Upon reflection, I have decided that your board needs more ME."
  • Serpentshrine Portal - This is why you never flush a three-cost minion.

Ashes of Outland Warlock Flavor Text

  • Keli'dan the Breaker - He calms down a lot if you just give him a turn.
  • Kanrethad Ebonlocke - After Illidan's downfall, Kanrethad formed the Council of the Black Harvest to study Illidan's fel magic. Some say he was... green with envy.
  • Darkglare - He's got a dark glare, but he sees crystal clear!
  • Shadow Council - Why is everybody in Outland replacing their hands?!
  • Enhanced Dreadlord - Photo actually taken across the street in the reflection of a doorknob.
  • The Dark Portal - Some say it's the source of Azeroth's greatest problems - aside from the gnomes.
  • Imprisoned Scrap Imp - His impish imports imply impressively impetuous impropriety.
  • Hand of Gul'dan - His skull also draws three cards. Imagine how many cards he could draw with HIS ENTIRE BODY!
  • Nightshade Matron - Throws shade at those "high-cost" minions.
  • Unstable Felbolt - Warning! Your minions are seated in the splash zone.

Ashes of Outland Warrior Flavor Text

  • Kargath Bladefist - He rules the Shattered Hand orc clan with an iron... bladefist.
  • Bulwark of Azzinoth - This plate turned shield you shall wield, praying its powers fel will serve you well.
  • Warmaul Challenger - Old gladiator rules: first one to die loses.
  • Bladestorm - Dear minions: Woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh. Best regards, Bladestorm
  • Bloodboil Brute - Call Gurtogg a brute if you like, but no one else cares about the wounded like he does.
  • Scrap Golem - Abuse, reuse, recycle.
  • Corsair Cache - Where's a corsair's favorite place to hide treasure? Under their deck!
  • Bonechewer Raider - And if that minion has a frisbee, LOOK OUT!
  • Sword and Board - Stab and Slab. Charge and Targe. Slash and Bash. You get the idea.
  • Imprisoned Gan'arg - Factory Direct Fiery War Axe. Please allow two turns for delivery.

Ashes of Outland Neutral Flavor Text